Funding + Drips Community Update - September 2022

Hello everyone,

With summer turning into autumn, I’m excited to share another monthly update from the Drips team!

Before diving into the technical details and progress updates, there’s an important update on our team’s structure, which is that the two teams formerly known as Drips and Workstreams have joined together to form one new and mighty team, which going forward will be known as the Radicle Funding Team! For full details about Radicle Funding and what we’ll be working on, please make sure to check out this great post by @lftherios with all the details.

Progress This Month

Quick note about version numbers – going forward we’ll be referring to Drips v0.1 and Drips v0.2 as Drips V1 and V2 instead.

Drips V2 Smart Contracts

  • Release candidate 4 of the Drips V2 smart contracts are currently live on the Goerli testnet.
  • @igor continues to land more and more powerful features that will expand the scope of what developers can build on Drips. This month saw the addition of batched calls and NFT-based sub-accounts, as well as many other improvements.

Drips SDK and Subgraph

  • @jtourkos has continued to bring more major improvements to the Drips V2 SDK this month and in particular a new and much-improved version of the Drips Example App that offers a much richer set of tools to developers looking to get started building on Drips.
  • I’ve continued to make improvements to the Drips V2 subgraph, which should allow for improved querying of historical Drips and Drip configurations.

Webapp and Landing Page

Radicle Funding

  • @lftherios and I have started visioning and product design work on Radicle Funding – a set of new solutions and experiences that will enable FOSS developers to thrive financially while releasing their work in the open.
  • Radicle Funding will connect the infrastructural payment components of Drips with the Radicle Web App to provide solutions for developers building on the Radicle code collab stack.
  • More details coming soon!

Partnerships and Ecosystem

  • @Lfada has connected us with the team at Giveth and we had a great conversation with their team about potential integrations and a possible partnership. As one of the most mission-aligned orgs in web3, it is so exciting to be talking with them.
  • Over the last several months we have been talking with the Gitcoin Passport and Grants Hub teams about possible integrations which could allow Drips users to (optionally) share and verify social identities (e.g. a Github handle, or Twitter account) they have in their public profile Drips Webapp. This is another really exciting conversation for so many reasons, including the quality of the engineering work that the Gitcoin team is doing, as well the potential to deliver much more powerful identity and social-related experiences to our users.

Whew! That was a lot – there’s so much happening. If you made it this far, thanks so much for staying on the adventure with us. Speaking of adventures, several members of our team will be at Devcon in Bogota next month, so please get in touch if you would like to meet up. We hope to see you there! :slight_smile: