Funding + Drips Community Update - October 2022

Hey everyone!

Here we are once again with an update from the Funding/Drips team for the month of October! As usual, there are lots of things happening. Drips V2 still hasn’t hit mainnet, but we’ve made a lot of progress on all of the supporting pieces like the subgraph, SDK and Drips App and a lot of progress has also been made on auditing the smart contracts. So unless we hit some unexpected last-minute hurdle, the mainnet release of Drips V2 should be coming very soon :slight_smile:

Progress This Month

Reminder about version numbers – going forward, we are now referring to the version numbers formerly known as Drips v0.1 and Drips v0.2 as Drips V1 and V2 instead.

Drips V2 Smart Contracts

  • @igor has been working with an independent security researcher to perform an audit of the smart contract code. The initial results of the audit are in, and no major issues were found. We’ll be publicly sharing the full results of the audit soon.
  • We are also continuing to work with the Certora team to create additional formal verification rules for the Drips smart contracts within their automated testing framework, to add to the set of rules that their team has already been helping us to create over the last several months.

Drips SDK and Subgraph

  • As always @jtourkos has been doing heavy lifting in the JS SDK code base, adding support for many of the powerful new features we added to the smart contracts over the last few months, like squeezing Drips, NFT sub-accounts and immutable splits, in addition to making many other improvements that are too numerous to list.
  • Meanwhile, I have continued to make some small improvements to the Drips V2 subgraph as well, based on suggestions and feedback from @jtourkos and @json.

Drips Webapp and Landing Page

  • @everett and @json were able to finish work on the wireframes for the Drips V2 Webapp this past month, and development work on the app has begun! Thanks to a big sprint by @json over the last two weeks, the basic workflows are already starting to take shape and it’s super exciting to see how fast things are progressing with the app. Stay tuned for more updates and possibly even a demo soon!

Radicle Funding

  • We have concluded our first round of product design for the “Radicle Funding” experiences which we plan to offer to help FOSS devs raise crowd-sourced funds from their supporters.
  • The first experience we expect to build will be a “fund me” button, which any project building on the Radicle code-collab stack will have the option to enable on their project page in the app.
  • The second experience will be a “split to dependencies” workflow, where any project building on Radicle will be able to choose to automatically share a percentage of funds donated to them by supporters with other projects they depend on.
  • @Kaidao has now joined the Funding team to help conduct user research with a small group of FOSS developers and supporters to inform the next set of enhancements, features and experiences we will build. This research will be so critical to everything we build next and we’re super psyched to have Kai joining the team.

Partnerships and Ecosystem

  • We’ve continued to have more great conversations with Giveth this month about the possibility of them integrating Drips into their fundraising workflows – thanks again to @lucas for getting this conversation rolling with an org that is so mission-aligned.


  • Thanks to the wonderful people at Gitcoin and Funding the Commons, I had the opportunity to give a talk at Shelling Point in Bogota and share a little bit about what we’re building with Drips and Radicle Funding. While the recording of the talk hasn’t been put online yet, if you’re interested you can check out the slides here.
  • We were also able to connect with the Gitcoin Passport and Ceramic (thanks @nas !) teams at Devcon and chat about possible ways to build on their tools to incorporate powerful new features related to social identity and trust into Drips.
  • We were also able to connect with folks from some of the most exciting projects in the DeSci space, including Crowdfunded Cures and Molecule and we were so excited to learn that both of these projects have already been exploring building Drips into their workflows for open funding in public health.


Oh boy – that was a doozy of an update once again! There’s so much happening it can be hard to keep track of it all. So if you made it this far, thanks so much for taking the time to share the journey with us and be a part of our community. We’re grateful for you! :pray:


@Kaidao : Glad to have you on Funding! @abbey and @Julien did some interviews with FOSS devs several years back and might have some archives that are worth digging up, if you want to follow up with them directly.