Funding + Drips Community Update - November 2022

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Here we are with your from the Funding+Drips team for the month of November. Let’s dive in!

Progress This Month

Drips V2 Smart Contracts

  • We are now up to deployment #7 on the Goerli testnet, with so much polishing and many small improvements completed by @igor, we are extremely pleased with how the contracts are looking now.
  • As of this month @manuel has rejoined the team and since he was away for the last several months of development, he was able to complete a semi-independent security audit of all of the new smart contract code, finding no major issues.
  • @igor has continued to work with the Certora on formal verification rules for the Drips smart contracts within their automated testing framework.
  • @manuel and @lftherios have been hard at work on a bug bounty program – more details coming soon!
  • With all of this in mind, the smart contracts are ready for mainnet deployment and we’re just waiting for a few supporting pieces, like the Drips Webapp and docs to be ready to deploy.

Drips SDK and Subgraph

  • Thanks to another very solid push this month by @jtourkos, we are excited to announce the “Alpha” release of the Drips V2 SDK. For anyone interested in building on Drips, you can check it out here!

Drips V2 Docs

  • With help from the whole team, I’ve been continuing to build out the V2 docs pages. They’re still far from complete, but now contain some better high-level technical discussion of how the protocol works, as well as the user identity model.
  • We would love to hear what you think if you have a chance to take a look.

Drips Webapp and Landing Page

  • @everett and @json continued to push hard on the Drips V2 Webapp this month and we’re excited to announce that the first version is super close to being ready! Stay tuned for more updates on the launch soon.

Partnerships and Ecosystem

  • Thanks to @Lfada, we’ve had many great conversations with teams from other projects who are looking to build on Drips this month, including the Gitcoin Grants team, Giveth, Crowdfunded Cures and more. It’s super exciting to see so many folks out there in the web3 ecosystem who are interested in building on Drips!


Thanks for reading and keep an eye on the #drips channel this month for more updates on V2. We’re so close now!