Foundation Org - Q3 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

  • The Foundation has renamed itself the Better Internet Foundation. This name is not only more compatible with the Foundation’s purpose, but more accurately reflects its bigger vision in the initiatives it leads and supports to develop resilient, non-extractive peer-to-peer technologies that promote Internet freedom :globe_with_meridians:

    • The Foundation Council is currently comprised of @abbey, @cloudhead, and @ange - as of July 2023. @ange has taken on the role as Foundation President.
  • The Foundation is looking for a Strategic Financial Partnerships Manager. If other Orgs have job descriptions they wish to post on the Radworks Job Board, please send an email to

Committee Quarterly Progress Updates

Marketing (@sean)

Completed Objectives

  • Conduct marketing assessment
  • Align on org split (decision to move forward with 3 brands)
  • Choose a name for the new brand (radworks)
  • Build and approve 2023 budget along with hiring plans & event strategy
  • Define & launch new Radworks brand & website - completed in Q3
  • Launch Drips V2 - completed in Q3
  • Further define Radworks marketing strategy, including key perceptions, key values, goals & key activities - completed in Q3
  • Formulate brand & messaging framework for Radworks based on our formalized purpose, vision, and mission - completed in Q3

Next Quarter Priorities

  • Develop & deploy content strategy for Radworks, including standing up 1-3 new channels (in development)

  • Product marketing for Drips & Radicle (Drips in progress, Radicle in very early stages)

  • Develop experimentation & tracking infrastructure for Radworks, Drips & Radicle (not yet started)

Governance (@abbey)

  • Q3 Governance Proposals:

    • Fund dependancies with Drips - This proposal passed in August cycle and allocated a total of $1 million in RAD and USDC, split between the two tokens, to fund the critical dependencies for the Drips, Radicle and Grants Orgs.
  • We are fast approaching 2024 Org Proposal season! :checkered_flag: Org proposals will hit the forum by November 2nd. We are ensuring that Orgs have all of the information they need from the Foundation Org to draft those proposals over the next couple of weeks.

  • In preparation for next year’s Org proposals, we’ve been facilitating conversations with Org leads to further define their longer-term relationship with Radworks alongside of the Apiary team.

  • We have been working on improving risk assessment & security processes and tools. Some initiatives include:

    • Runway analysis based on spend to better inform treasury management & diversification needs
    • Creation of internal dashboards to better track token holders, delegation & participation
    • Upgrading governance contracts to a well-maintained governance system
    • Emergency response plan to potential governance attacks
  • We have continued to work with Apiary to outline governance improvement initiatives and goals to tackle in Q4 2023 & 2024. We will share more details around these initiatives in the Foundation Org 2024 proposal.

Operations (@ange)

  • We’re going to be issuing a special financial report at the end of the month - more comprehensive than the monthly reports that Yuval has been doing. In time for evaluating the 2024 Org Proposals, Yuval will be publishing a report on Org use of funds YTD as well as forecast their spend for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

  • We had a great, productive offsite in Scotland. We not only go to know each - as we are a new, distributed team - but we also thoroughly scoped and organized the work our team does (as well as who, when, what). This prompts our work in Q4, which will be about creating the documentation around this work, which will make our part-time team sustainable long-term.

Timeline & Budget Update

  • Foundation Org spend has reduced since separating from Radicle and Drips expenses. Spend is still on track. A more detailed overview will be included in the 2024 Org Proposal, after the YTD financial report is published this month.