FFnet chain upgrade v9

Next week we plan to run a major upgrade of the FFnet to version 9 of the runtime. This upgrade will include two major changes.

First we will move to versioned encoding of all state objectsthat we control (e.g. users, orgs, projects). This was extensively discussed in the team and is implemented in #525. It is a major step in creating the infrastructure that will allow the registry to evolve quickly. Unfortuantely this change will effectively remove all existing organizations, users, and projects. It will not however reset balances of accounts!

The second change is project registration under users. It is now possible to register projects under a user (#389).

Finally, the upgrade also include a minor change: Organization membership is now based on the users as opposed to accounts. This means that you need to provide a user ID instead of an account address when you want to add a member to an org.

We plan to create a new release of the node and CLI later this week and deploy the upgrade Wednesday, 24 June. The CLI that is released will only be compatible with version 9 of the runtime and only work once this version is deployed to the FFnet. We’re working on making the CLI (and the client library) compatible with multiple versions for a future chain upgrade #463.

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