Failed on install to mac

New to this and would like to give it a try.

I tried installing the app on my mac. When I did two things happened. It complained about a javascript problem on intro booting, then failed with error and I didn’t copy the error msge. But it seemed to try and connect to an IP? with a port 1234? I thought this was decentralized?

Anyways, uninstalled and installed it again and now it will not let me continue because of the passphrase issue

  "code": "create-identity-failed",
  "message": "Could not create identity",
  "details": {
    "handle": "username"
  "source": {
    "code": "UnknownException",
    "message": "A key already exists",
    "details": {
      "message": "A key already exists",
      "variant": "KEY_EXISTS"

My two questions are

  • How do I delete the previous passphrase or continue using it I guess
  • Why did it try to connect to an IP on my initial setup?

thanks for the help!

Hey @gstlouis!

Sorry that your first go wasn’t as smooth as one would hope :sweat_smile:

First things first, let’s try to get your state back to normal. When you first started up Radicle Upstream created some artifacts for you including your secret key. Unfortunately, we’re set up for one key per device at the moment (soon to be improved on). So what you’re going to have to do is delete the existing state – which is not so bad since you didn’t get to create much else :smile:.
We have a script here for doing this forceful removal of stateful artifacts. Let me know if you need help running it, or have any questions about it.

Regarding your second question about an IP, this IP address points to our seed node where a bunch of projects have been added by our first users The seed acts as a bootstrapping node in the network where lots of users can come and share projects, that way there’s still a route for connection to peers and projects when they go offline. The end goal is that you’ll easily be able to establish connections to other peers in the background as well – through gossip – but our networking stack is going through some TLC at the moment.

Let me know if you have any other questions :v: :seedling: