Expanding NFT and Metaverse Ecosystem on Radicle by creating NFT Search Engine

1. Organisation’s details

AcknoLedger is a Global Consortium that maps, monetizes, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs. We envision to be the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets. AcknoLedger is working on M2D Model.

AcknoLedger can be incorporated by:
:small_orange_diamond: Gaming Companies
:small_orange_diamond: Metaverses
:small_orange_diamond: NFT Marketplaces
:small_orange_diamond: Launchpads
:small_orange_diamond: Infrastructures
:small_orange_diamond: DeFi Systems

Our Core Team:
:small_blue_diamond: Yash Dahenkar - Co-Founder & CEO
:small_blue_diamond: Kuntal Ganguly - Co-Founder & CSO
:small_blue_diamond:Abhishek - Co-Founder & CMO

Key Advisors:
:small_blue_diamond: Chandresh Aharkar - Co-Founder and CEO Unilend Ex-Matic(Radicle)
:small_blue_diamond: Shashwat Gupta - CEO Altcoin Buzz and Cofounder Unbound Finance
:small_blue_diamond: Demelza Hays - Head of Research Cointelegraph
:small_blue_diamond: Nilotpal Mukherjee - Co-Founder Genesis Shards Ex-Marlin labs
:small_blue_diamond: Garlam Won - Co-Founder Genesis Shards Ex-Harmony


:point_right: Backers
:white_check_mark: Momentum 6
:white_check_mark: Krypital Capital
:white_check_mark: Shima Capital
:white_check_mark: Magnus Capital
:white_check_mark: X21
:white_check_mark: Growth Capital
:white_check_mark: Bigcoin Ventures
:white_check_mark: Mayor Capital
:white_check_mark: Bluewheel gulf
:white_check_mark: Mahadao
:white_check_mark: Dutch Crypto Investors
:white_check_mark: Deltahub
:white_check_mark: Gain Associates
:white_check_mark: Basics Capitals
:white_check_mark: NFT Tech
:white_check_mark: IBC
:white_check_mark: Oasis Capital
:white_check_mark: Scorpio VC
:white_check_mark: Amesten
:white_check_mark: Nord finance
:white_check_mark: Blockventures
:white_check_mark: AU21
:white_check_mark: Synapse Network
:white_check_mark: RedHat Capital
:white_check_mark: Prostarter
:white_check_mark: SupraOracles
:white_check_mark: Regain Venture
:white_check_mark: KardiaChain
:white_check_mark: Kangaroo Capital
:white_check_mark: Dreamboat capital
:white_check_mark: Baselayer venture
:white_check_mark: 925 Venture
:white_check_mark: Zbs capital ( Crypto Differ )

:point_right: KOL
:white_check_mark: Moon Carl
:white_check_mark: Evan Luthra
:white_check_mark: Sumit Kapoor
:white_check_mark: Crypto Mathemagician
:white_check_mark: 100+ Influencers

:point_right: Our Ecosystem



:point_right: AcknoLedger Links & Docs - AcknoLedger | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

## Team

All the co-founders of AcknoLedger have been working across various industries and in the Crypto Space since 2016.

Yash Dahenkar, Co-founder and CEO of AcknoLedger. He has been in Crypto Space since 2016. Before starting AcknoLedger, he started a company called Bitgenie which focuses on emerging technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. At Bitgenie, he created a really interesting product called “Bitgenie Research” where he mapped and indexed more than 100K+ market research reports over the internet. Bitgenie Research is actually seed to the AcknoLedger’s idea. He also likes to educate people on Blockchain and Crypto and till date he has taught more than 4000+ professionals and students across the Globe.

Kuntal Ganguguly, Co-founder and CSO of AcknoLedger. Kuntal Ganguly is technology consultant and holds top management position in one of the leading Japanese IT Consultancy organization Kanematsu Electronics Ltd serving and drives Business and Operations and expertise into developing, strategizing and delivering mission critical and turn key projects to global clients.
He is an Active Crypto Enthusiast since 2016 and have been a value added strategic investor to various projects in the blockchain Eco space, With his passion for blockchain, His clear understanding of the ongoing developments across various platforms and dApps and the potential projects development have gave an added advantage to build the vision of AcknoLedger better and with a proper goal of association of future partnerships that will be lined up for overall development of the targeted mission of AcknoLedger. Kuntal state that “Continuous starvation for innovation drives the growth potential and develops the urge to achieve something extraordinary in one’s percepted objective”

Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit, Co-founder and CMO of AcknoLedger. He runs a digital marketing agency and has decades of experience in building and scaling brands & has worked with multiple fortune 500 companies. He knows how to scale the project and take it at the next level. He has an amazing understanding of Digital Marketing and PR.

All the core team of AcknoLedger are serial entrepreneurs and hustler and we know how to get things done and make it successful.

Our extended team involves a set of truly committed and passionate developers, marketers & UI/UX developers and content creators who are working day and night to make this project a big success.



:black_small_square: AcknoLedger is the NFT Search Engine for Metaverses & Gaming Platforms. It is a Global Consortium that maps , monetizes, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs

:black_small_square: AcknoLedger is getting built in Aggregate model to build an Ecosystem that consists of each and every NFT gaming and Metaverse platform in Web 3.0

:black_small_square: AcknoLedger opens a new avenue of 1000x more users entering the Gaming NFTs and Metaverse space.

:black_small_square: AcknoLedger’s Universal Content Number Scheme (UCNS) will help to authenticate the NFTs across the digital universe to mitigate plagiarism challenges.

3. MVP

We have created an NFT Search Engine where we indexed more than 10+ Metaverses. We have already partnered with 100+ Metaverse and NFT projects.

Product Link: https://app.acknoledger.com/

4. Proposal

Goal: Expanding NFT and Metaverse Ecosystem on Radicle by creating NFT Search Engine

Milestone steps:

  1. Create an analysis report of Radicle’s metaverse and NFT projects and suggestions on improving Radicle’s ecosystem.
  2. We will index Top 5 NFT and Metaverse projects in Radicle’s ecosystem and integrate it with AcknoLedger’s search engine.
  3. We will index Top 10 NFT and Metaverse projects in Radicle’s ecosystem and integrate it with AcknoLedger’s search engine.
  4. Open APIs of NFT data to developers for the NFT and Metaverse projects in the Radicle Ecosystem
  5. Promote Radicle blockchain for NFT & Metaverse adoption using marketing campaigns in AcknoLedger community

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