Error starting seed node for specific urn

Wondering am I doing something stupid here. This urn is searchable in Radicle Upstream…


…but if I try to start the seed node I get an error:

> target/release/radicle-seed-node \
> ...
>   track-urns \
>   --urn rad:git:hwd1yrebfxd5fu79qh4zejg4kf1xohfg54iqyssf7guds6cp6hkug4iqsmc \
> < ~/.radicle-seed/secret.key
Error parsing option '--urn' with value 'rad:git:hwd1yrebfxd5fu79qh4zejg4kf1xohfg54iqyssf7guds6cp6hkug4iqsmc': invalid Id

Hey @jasonrbriggs :v:

So some recent changes were merged into the seed node code. The changes include a change in the schema of URNs. @abbey will have more details on this soon.

For now, you can revert to a previous revision of the code. If you need help with that lemme know :seedling:

Thanks that worked. The seed node doesn’t seem to be replicating projects (not sure what I’ve done there yet) but at least it’s starting up now.

Sorry to hear that @jasonrbriggs ! Is it still broken for you? Things seem to be working for me… Let me know if the issue hasn’t resolved.

Hi @abbey and thanks. Maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong with this?

target/debug/radicle-seed-node \
  --root ~/.radicle-seed \
  --peer-listen \
  --http-listen \
  --name "myname" \
  --public-addr "mydomain:12345" \
  --assets-path seed/ui/public \
  track-urns \
  --urn rad:git:hwd1yre8gsdhb19ckmz7dth9nnyxcni1ip5eybfrbnt5gjao7qxzguosege \
  < ~/.radicle-seed/secret.key

I thought it would automatically start tracking the urn? But maybe I’m missing a trick here?

That seems right @jasonrbriggs. There could be 1 of 2 things going on here:

  1. We don’t use track-urns ourselves yet, so I wouldn’t rule out any possible bugs that might exist
  2. Our networking is a WIP, and you could be running into some of the deadlocking issues we’ve seen

We’re attempting to remedy 2. and get it on all our mainline branches ASAP, along with better testing it in the long run.

Okay, thanks for the info. Will hold off playing with it until the next update.

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