Electron app crashing consistently

Hey @richburdon,

My hypothesis would be that one of the background processes supporting the app entered ghost mode.

Can you try to find it with ps auxww | grep proxy, kill that process, and restart the app?

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Btw, feel invited to join us on the matrix where these type of issues are brought to us in a more interactive environment: https://matrix.community.radworks.org/

What @NunoAlexandre highlighted is a good first step. Could you also copy the logs to the clipboard and share them here in this thread?

I’m not able to attach/copy logs: this forum page complains that new users can’t attach more than 1 link. I don’t know what that means.

Hi @richburdon, I edited the forum settings so you should be able to attach more links. But just a heads up, our support might be a bit slow around the holidays :slight_smile:

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