Drips Team -- January 26th 2022 Community Update

Drips Team – January 26th 2022 Community Update

“When I Drip You Drip We Drip” :slight_smile:

Updates From The Past Month

  • Drips v0.1 has been released and is live on Ethereum mainnet!
  • Thanks so much to everyone from the team and from our community who contributed to the big push!
  • Includes the following workflows:
    • “Drips” – Streaming/recurring payments from any Ethereum address to any other.
    • “Communities” – creators and developers can raise recurring financial support from fans.
    • “Splits” – any user can ‘spread the love’ and share a % of funds received with others.
  • For now, please Drip responsibly – the smart contracts are not yet audited.

What’s Next

  • Deploying to Layer 2:
    • We are on Polygon/Mumbai testnet now.
    • Working on Polygon/MATIC and Optimism.
  • Adding Support for Multiple ERC-20 Tokens
  • Exploring ways to allow users to Drip to others based on a Twitter handle or Github identity.
  • Adding verifiable “trust anchors” to real world social media accounts.
  • Full security audit for the smart contracts.
  • For a complete list of future features, please see here.
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