Drips Org - Q4 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

  1. Radworks, Octant and FundingTheCommons became the first three orgs to use Drips
  2. We shipped a lot of product updates (see long list below)
  3. We started to scale our marketing efforts with @bcccrmr becoming the head of Marketing
  4. We presented our work at Devconnect in Instabul and Taipei Blockchain Week
  5. We announced our Immunefi bug bounty program and already paid many bounties

Quarterly Objectives Updates

Product & Tech

We shipped:

  • The ability to create multiple Drip Lists per account
  • One-Time Donations (to Projects & Drip Lists)
  • New custom GQL backend, everything is a lot faster & more future-proof
  • New collect experience with the new global collect button
  • We have a v1 for our Dune Dashboard that you can access here https://dune.com/lftherios/drips in order to monitor Drips relevant metrics. We will further iterate on it.
  • We have integrated with Chainlink Functions on testnet and we are waiting for them to ship to main-net so we can start leveraging their decentralized oracle network

Go-To Market

  • @bcccrmr is now heading our marketing efforts
  • @Lfada onboarded many developer teams to Drips
  • @abbey presented our work during DevConnect
  • @lftherios presented at FundingTheCommons Taipei and at Taipei Blockchain Week
  • @andrewd run a workshop about Drips during FundingTheCommons Taipei
  • @andrewd & @lftherios talked at X spaces organised by Octant and Artizen

Most importantly we have started scaling our BD efforts and are working hard to bring many new orgs to Drips in Q1!

Timeline & Budget Update

We were on budget for 2024, although we spent more on our bug bounty program than what we have expected.

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Hey @lftherios! Exciting update! Are there any relevant links to share for the bug bounty program? Also, I am getting an error when clicking on the dune dashboard link.