Drips Org - Q3 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

  1. Radworks proposal passed & $83k already streamed to Radworks dependencies

  2. Octant becomes the second org to commit to fund its dependencies through Drips.

  3. Developer onboarding has started. Example from Ethersjs here.

  4. A new security audit successfully completed from Spearbit. No issues found! Report to be published in the next two weeks.

  5. Improvements to the app experience are being shipped continuously based on user feedback.

    • Countless refinements and fixes for the Funder Onboarding and Claim Project experiences
    • Improved Stream Detail view with a progress bar
    • Ability to nest other Drip Lists into your Drip List, unlocking advanced funding usecases
    • The app has been fully optimized for (Gnosis) Safes, and listed as an official Safe App
    • In progress & launching soon: Ability to create, manage and transfer more than one Drip List per account
    • In progress & launching soon: New, custom GraphQL API for Drips that will greatly speed up the app experience
  6. We presented at FundingTheCommons Paris, FundingTheCommons Berlin, Schelling Point Paris & Berlin, GreenPill podcast & hosted Twitter spaces with Octant and FundingTheCommons.

  7. A bug bounty program with Immunefi is currently in the works.

Quarterly Objectives Updates

Q3&Q4 23

:green_circle: Continue to iterate on core experiences based on user feedback.
:red_circle: Integrate the Radicle code collaboration protocol, with the assumption that it has a stable release.
:white_check_mark: Conduct an additional audit.

We also deprioritized :point_right: Deploy Drips v2 contracts on more relevant EVM networks (Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon)

All of our focus at the moment is on onboarding more organizations that want to fund their dependencies with Drips.

Roadmap update

The only major update (versus what was planned) is that we will prioritize adding an optional KYC flow for funders that want to KYC recipients in order to fund. This is a requirement we got from a number of Web3 companies, after our user interviews.