Drips November 2021 Community Update

Hi everyone!

Here’s a link to the presentation that the Drips team shared today on the community call: November Update - Google Presentaties



  • New project/team name – “Drips”!

    • We want to emphasize the drips feature.
    • Encourage a truly fresh look at FOSS funding/economics.
  • Work on Drips MVP

    • 7 smart contract deployments to Rinkeby so far.
    • Development on smart contracts and subgraph is complete.
    • Finishing up the web app – targeting December 2 Mainnet release.
  • Radicle Ecosystem Integration

    • Documented integration plan here.

    • Drips will support better integration after the MVP release.

    • ENS names required for projects raising funds.

    • Projects on Drips will be able to link to Radicle Orgs.

Next Up

  • Release MVP on Ethereum mainnet.

    • Targeting December 2nd release.
    • Team will work with projects to help onboard them.
  • Communications

    • “Introducing Drips” blog post on Mirror.
    • Community contributions would be awesome!
  • Determine V1 Scope

    • Gather feedback from MVP users.
    • Prioritize next features to develop.
  • To get involved please join us in the new Discord channel – #drips !