Drips February 2022 Community Update

Hi everyone!

Some updates from the Drips Team and community on our progress in February, along with some notes on what’s coming up next.

Progress This Month

Polygon Launch – Drips is now live on Polygon! The Drips and Polygon teams have also continued to explore ways to expand our partnership. For example, Ele joined the Polygon team live on Twitter for an AMA on 2/10. The recording is available here.

User Feedback on Drips v0.1 – We’ve received some great feedback from early users of Drips and have made a number of changes to the app in response. The biggest piece of feedback we received is that many teams wish to create Communities in Drips, but don’t want to release NFTs or fundraise. So in response to that, we have planned major changes to Communities – and identity in general – in the next version of the app, to give our users much more flexibility.

Drips at ETH Denver – The Drips team presented at the Regenerate event sponsored by Toucan at ETH Denver. The Radicle Community Team and members of the Drips team also met with many other teams at the event, to discuss partnerships and collaborations, including the Utopia Labs, Wonderverse and Station teams.

Multi-Token is Coming – Development work has begun on multi-token support! Stay tuned for more updates on this important feature which will unlock support for streaming any ERC-20 token using Drips.

Next Up

Deliver Multi-Token – Support for streaming ERC-20 tokens other than DAI is the feature that has been most requested by users of Drips. We now have a specification for what this will look like and hope to deliver support for any ERC-20 in the next 1-2 months.

Deliver Community and Identity Refactor – The next-most requested feature from our users has been to add support for Communities that are not membership-based and do not include NFTs. The Drips team has a specification for changes that will allow this, and which will also allow for much more flexible user identity in general in Drips.

More Partnerships and Integrations – We’re excited to continue conversations with Radicle teams like the Work Streams team, as well as teams from other projects like Utopia Labs, Wonderverse, Station and others, about how these products can build on Drips to accelerate their development and increase adoption of the Drips Protocol by delivering next-generation tools to DAOs and web3 devs.

More Networks – Drips is live on Ethereum Mainnet as well as Polygon today. However we intende to continue to roll Drips out accross other EVM-based blockchains and layer 2’s over the coming weeks and months.

SDK – We will soon be releasing a Javascript SDK, which will allow third-party projects to more easily utilize and build on Drips.