Drips Community Update - May 2022

Hi Everyone!

This is the update from the Drips Team for May 2022. Here are the highlights from the last month:

Drips v0.2 Is Feature-Complete

  • Final code cleanup, optimization, QA are underway.
  • Initial security audit is underway.
  • Full security audit with Trail Of Bits scheduled for the summer.
  • New features: multi-token, scheduled Drips, hub identities.
  • We expect to deploy in the next month.

Drips JS SDK v0.1 Is Released

  • A Javascript SDK for interacting with DripsHub contract and subgraph.
  • Built on Ethers.js.
  • Web-based example code built on Svelte.
  • You can find it here.

New Version of Drips App Coming Soon

  • Will feature re-factored identity features.
  • “Communities” changed to “Memberships”.
  • Any user can add identity metadata in IPFS.
  • We expect to release in the next week.

For anyone planning to attend EthCC in Paris in July, several members of the Drips Team will be there. If you would like to connect with us, please find us in the #drips channel in the Radicle Discord and let’s meet up!