Drips Community Update -- March 2022

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to provide an update from the Drips team for March 2022. Lots of awesome things happening:

Protocol update

  • Multi-token is close to being ready for testing.
  • Lots of work on Identity, both on the UX side and at the protocol level.
    • New changes are in test that allow any user to set up a Community, even if they don’t want to issue Membership NFTs or raise funds.
    • We’ve agreed on a technical design for a new user identity model for the protocol, which will allow a lot more flexibility for “apps” and other tools like Workstreams which are building on Drips.

Gitcoin ecosystem round

  • Radicle is participating in the current (13th) Gitcoin ecosystem round.
  • Participants can receive funds for setting up splits of at least 25% to other Gitcoin grant recipients.

Integrations conversations

  • PrimeDAO is moving forward with building on Drips for their Proposal Inverter tool for DAO collaboration.
  • The Drips team and Growth teams are continuing to talk with Wonderverse and Station about using Drips for their DAO tooling solutions.
  • Members of the Drips team spoke with with the Catalog and Roll teams in the last week.


  • We have lined up TrailOfBits to do a full audit this summer.
  • Starting with a light audit by an individual security auditor in about 6 weeks, once the new identity changes and multi-token are live.
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Have you considered talking to Charmverse about their DAO workspace tooling and potential integrations there? Looks to be a great fit for the Radicle project, both in terms or the Orgs and Drips projects.