Drips Community Update - August 2022

Hi everyone!

Here we are with our monthly Drips Team update for the month of August. You may remember from our July update that we had our first release of Drips v0.2 on the Goerli testnet. And that our plan was to do a series of additional, increasingly production-ready releases to Goerli, leading eventually to a production release on mainnet.

Well since July, there have been two more deployments to Goerli, including additional features, enhancements and bug fixes, bringing us to release #3 right now. We’re feeling very good about where things currently stand and feel that we are getting close to a mainnet release of Drips v0.2.

Progress This Month

  • Release candidate 3 of the Drips v0.2 smart contracts are currently live on the Goerli testnet. Details can be found here .

  • @igor has done an amazing job of landing the last several difficult feature for Drips v0.2 quickly and with an elegant design. See here for more details about “Squeezing Drips”.

  • @jtourkos has continued to improve the Drips v0.2 SDK at an amazing pace! His work has also provided the team with an initial way to interact with and test the v0.2 contracts in the absence of a v0.2 app, so @jtourkos has been leading the way on logging bugs and helping to fix them as well.

  • Several iterations of the v0.2 subgraph have been deployed by yours truly. Details are available here (code) and here (website).

  • @everett and @lftherios are continuing to work on design for the landing page and app for Drips v0.2.

  • @Lfada has recently started working more closely with the Drips team and is helping the team shape the way we think and communicate about Drips to prospective partners and end users, as well as honing in on which users we should be reaching out to first.

  • @json is now working even more closely with the Drips team and many exciting conversations are now underway about the best way to unify Workstreams and Drips into Radicle Funding.

Next Up

  • More releases to Goerli, hopefully leading up to a mainnet release very soon!

  • Security audit work on smart contracts.

  • Finalize the subgraph and v0.2 SDK and fix all outstanding bugs.

  • Improve the docs.

  • @igor is exploring adding batching and gasless transactions in v0.2.

  • Incorporate changes in org structure into team processes.

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