Drips Community Update - April 2022

Hey Everyone!

It was fun to see so many of the people from our community at Devconnect in Amsterdam last week.

Meanwhile, there have been lots of exciting things happening with Drips in the last month! Here are the highlights:

Development on Drips v0.2

  • Development on main new features like multi-token, scheduled drips and hub identities are all completed and in testing.
  • The team is conducting a final architecture/design review to make sure that there’s nothing we want to change before code freeze. We are considering a few small design changes.

Drips App

  • Everett is close to releasing a new version of the v0.1 Drips App, which will incorporate identity changes related to changing Communities to Membership and allowing any user to attach social identity to their user profiles.

Security Audit

  • We are starting a preliminary security audit within the next 2-3 weeks with an individual auditor.
  • A full security audit is scheduled with Trail of Bits for sometime this summer, likely starting in June.

Drips SDK

  • We are very close to releasing a v0.1 of the Drips Javascript SDK.
  • If you’re interested in being an early user/tester, please reach out to us in the #drips-dev channel.


  • The Proposal Inverter project is moving forward and planning to build on Drips! We will be meeting with their team on a monthly basis to support their work.
  • Radicle’s Workstreams project is building on Drips (more info available from their team’s update).
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