[DISCUSSION] Evaluate SafeSnap governance suite

Our friends from Gnosis released https://blog.gnosis.pm/introducing-safesnap-the-first-in-a-decentralized-governance-tool-suite-for-the-gnosis-safe-ea67eb95c34f today.

I like certain aspects of it a lot. Off-chain voting triggering on-chain actions rather than doing a Snapshot poll first → and then a costly Sybil vote. Another benefit seems to be the integrated asset management for the treasury using Gnosis Safe.

Update: It seems Snapshot isn’t a requirement and we could still use Sybil

@abbey wdyt is it worth evaluating?


agree your point, sybil gas let me vote hard

Yeah, absolutely. I think we’ve seen significant UX issues with current governance platforms, so I’m down to keep evaluating on how to improve. Would love to offset the cost of governance for the community so SafeSnap seems like a great choice.

On the product side, we’re working on a collaboration with Gnosis Safe, so will be sure to explore it further next week with them.

Will report back here!

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