Discord Server

Have you ever thought of making a discord server? for people to chat and get support via that and get support with your product.
If you need a person to make one just let me know as i can make nice servers My discord name and tag is Jetus#0001


I think this is a great idea. Most projects have Discord servers. The moderation tools and ability to respond to messages and create sub-channels is better than Telegram.

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Big plus one to a discord server :slight_smile: It brings about more organic conversation and offers the abilities to measure community involvement as well :slight_smile:

We decided to go with Matrix, bc it was a better fit values wise (p2p) but I’m wondering if it’s creating too much of a barrier to entry…


Minus one to Discord! That is a closed-source silo platform run by a fairly predatory company. When I’m researching a new project and discover they have a Discord server I usually turn and run.

Hi I’m a big fan of the project but I’m finding it hard to catch updates and information. I’ve just found out about matrix just now it would be great if there was a discord server though.

Discord is on it’s way! We’ll be bridging it with Matrix to keep both :slight_smile:


FYI the Discord is up and running! (U/C 🚧) RadicleDAO

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That link doesn’t seem to work for me. Discord reports it’s expired… is there another link which is permanent? Or are there certain permissions required to see the server?

Link probably expired. Try out this one! → (U/C 🚧) RadicleDAO

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