[delegate pitch]- [two_cheers]

Hi, my name is two_cheers and I would like to announce myself as a Radicle delegate. I don’t have a twitter account but I did participate in the RAD LBP and staked the tokens I purchased to my own account here:


By way of background, I have been helping bootstrap companies building on ethereum since 2016 on the business and legal side of things, however, these days I would mostly describe myself as a speculator, albeit one that has spent a bit of time in the weeds of protocol governance :slight_smile:

I am very passionate about the preservation of free and open source software and have found it concerning that so many projects are forced to rely fragile centralized services like github to coordinate. Long term I am really optimistic about how DAOs could start using radicle for collaboration as the default and would like to help guide us all there as a wholesome delegate.

Happy to answer any questions!