[DELEGATE PITCH] - Hi, I'm Pedro

Hey guys,

Really excited to be participating in the governance of the future of decentralized code coordination. It’s about time that Github gets disrupted by a decentralized alternative.

I’m the author and project lead of WalletConnect protocol and we have setup our public seed node for Radicle at https://radicle.walletconnect.org

As a long-term proponent of open-source, standardization and interoperability I actively participate on EIP governance and I’m also a founding member of CAIP governance.

My goal has always been to push for more decentralization without compromising user-experience. UX-focused standards are important to make it easier for users to adopt more decentralized solutions. I believe Radicle is heading in that direction with its already very successul launch and I look forward to vote on more proposals that improve decentralization with enhanced UX.


Welcome @pedrouid :slightly_smiling_face: