Contributor's Guide

Looking to contribute to Radicle? This is where to start! Read on for an
overview of where to contribute and how.

Project Overview :seedling:

Technically, the Radicle project is made up of two protocols: Radicle Link and Radicle Registry.

  • radicle-link: a peer-to-peer gossip protocol built on a generic distributed version control backend. Includes radicle-surf, a code surfing library for VCS file systems :surfing_woman:
  • radicle-registry: a decentralized identity and governance service built on Substrate

How to Contribute :point_down:

Hereโ€™s a couple of ways to get involved:

  • Join the conversations in this discourse. This is where Radicle contributors have discussions, make decisions, and solve problems. Here, you can ask questions, contribute to discussions, and chat with Radicle maintainers and core contributors directly.

    • #Development: For collaboration, discussions, and questions on development of Radicle protocols
    • #Product: Discussions on the development of Upstream, a code collaboration app built on Radicle.
  • Check out issues in project repositories in the Radicle Org. Projects follow a common tagging system and/or have developer manuals:

    • good-first-issue โ€” for first-time contributors
    • help wanted โ€” tickets that need extra attention and help
    • enhancements โ€” more advanced, for those who are looking to get their hands dirty!

    โ†’ See for the developerโ€™s manual on the Registry

  • If youโ€™re interested in contributing to Monadicโ€™s development of Upstream, a code collaboration app built on Radicle, start by reading through and checking out issues on radicle-upstream.

Get in touch :wave:

:loudspeaker: Join our #radicle IRC channel for development updates.

:bird: Follow us on twitter and check out our website

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