Content in Notion

Hey folks,

I’m following Radicle development and I’m keen to contribute. I’ve run into a few places where specs referenced on issues are in Notion, which I don’t have access to (e.g the spec referenced in the first sentence of the user identity tracking issue). Would it be possible to make them available publicly somewhere?

I completely understand if those specs are still very fluid and you don’t want to make them public yet. I just thought I would ask the question in case that’s not the intention :slight_smile:



Hey Alex! Glad that you’ve been following along :smiling_face:

Thanks for raising the issue — we’ve been discussing how to manage this exact issue. The intention is to make all relevant documents as public as possible while also keep them organized and such. We’ll be figuring out if we’ll make Notion pages public or cross-post info to central place like GitHub.

We’ve got a thread on it now, I’ll keep you updated with any developments!


Alex, wanted to give you an update on this.

After discussing what you brought up, we made the decision to work on making our Notion public by default :slight_smile: This happen progressively but is currently in process.

So, for now, if you don’t have access to a document, ping the thread creator and they will find a way to make the content accessible for you. If they don’t respond for any reason, just ping me !

Thanks! :seedling:

Ah that’s fantastic,thank you!

I’m hoping to pick up an issue or two this weekend, will be great to be able to go through the specs in more detail as well.