Community & Governance August 2022 Community Update

Hi Radicles :seedling:

August Update

Here’s what we’ve gotten up to this past month:


  • Some Radicles will be attending Devcon in Bogota this October! If you’re planning on attending, let us know :colombia:
  • We’ve made a new hire! More to come :shushing_face:
  • @joelhans is going to start contributing again to help us continue building out our docs! :partying_face:
  • We will be sponsoring EthBerlin during Berlin Blockchain Week coming up in two weeks. If you are attending let us know! :de:


[Phase 0] Transition to the DAO Formal Review - PASSED

This proposal outlines Phase 0 of this transition which transitions Radicle’s development runway and contributor token rewards to the DAO. It requests 3M USDC to fund six months of Core Teams operational budgets (until February 2023) and 1.9M RAD to distribute among Radicle contributors who joined the project post- token launch.

Radicle // Gitcoin Public Goods Alliance Governance Proposal - PASSED

This proposal form a Public Goods Alliance between Radicle and Gitcoin. Radicle and Gitcoin will provide a mutual grant of their respective native tokens (RAD and GTC) to the partner DAO’s treasury. Voting power from these tokens will be delegated to multisigs controlled by the partner DAO. Gitcoin will receive a range of RAD (dependent upon the final grant rate) and Radicle will receive 500,000 GTC, making both DAOs top 10 delegates in one another’s governance.

Transition to the DAO

We have a new Transition to the DAO category on Discourse! :sparkles: @matto also did a great job of organizing all the forum posts.

:point_right: Transition to the DAO — list of all forum posts

Org Design Workstream

DAO Tooling Workstream

  • @shelb_ee has been taking some time off, but she’s back in the saddle next week! :horse_racing:

Distribution of Ownership Workstream

  • The [Phase 0] Transition to the DAO proposal is also covering Phase 0 of the Distribution of Ownership Workstream (e.g. Design and propose a strategy to the DAO for incentivizing current contributors)

Distribution of Influence Workstream

  • Me, @bordumb and the Otterspace team are working on our kickoff proposal for this workstream! Stay tuned! :partying_face:

Hello! How can I join 𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘨𝘦 @ OXI Garten at 15th of September ? ) It is announced as a event at Berlin Blockchain Week.

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PW is hacktheplanet !

I am in. Thanks ))