Clients Community Update September 2022

Hey everyone,

we’re excited to share the monthly update from the Clients team for September.

Due to the reorganization of the team we worked hard on refactoring, improving the current code, reducing technical debt and give the new members a warm welcome.
Also work on radicle_node, the new p2p node has continued steadily.

In the following sections we’d like to share some items that we also worked on, as well as an outlook of what we plan to work on next month.

Progress this month


  • Added a new search feature that enables finding projects much easier.
  • Released a light theme, and a theme switcher to change between.
  • Improved markdown rendering.
  • Removed deprecated orgs views and functionality.
  • Added project activity graph to project widgets on landing page
  • Implemented ability to load more commits and projects.


  • Added new /v1/stats endpoint.
  • Added pagination to project listing.
  • Reduced response time for various routes.
  • Added caching to compute intensive routes.


  • Added support for identity removal via rad rm
  • Added build metadata to rad --version
  • Improved automation support for rad auth and rad rm
  • Improved miscellaneous user flows

What are we working on

  • Web: refactor codebase, upgrade dependencies, general UX improvements
  • CLI: streamline UI design, create initial TUI commands, work on new protocol
  • Seed: work on new p2p node, better telemetry
  • Protocol: design work on identity system, storage etc.

Please feel free to share any feedback with us here!

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Thanks for the update @sebastinez ! Couple of questions / comments:

How is this related to the “seed node” ?

Nice! We spoke to a couple of users during our UX studies who had looked at the web app and found that somewhat confusing.

We were wondering about how to display really long lists of projects in the IDE and this will really help!

Awesome! :tada:

Is this related to Radicle Improvement Proposal-1 ?

Hey @yorgos,

I’m really sorry for not responding earlier, I just saw under my notifications here that you posted this, hope my answers can clear some questions.

How is this related to the “seed node” ?

This is the work related to the new “Heartwood” protocol seen under Radicle Improvement Proposal-1.
It will be the replacement for what we call seed nodes currently.

Is this related to Radicle Improvement Proposal-1 ?

Yes exactly! This is the work, done by part of the clients team that are working on Heartwood, radicle-git and other modules.