Clients Community Update - October 2022

Hey everyone,

we’re happy to share the monthly update from the Clients team for October. The following sections will give an overview of the work on the protocol and the client stack.




  • Started on the new radicle-httpd with support for git clone <url> without radicle
  • Added support for setting HEAD refs (canonical refs)
  • Added ping/pong message support
  • Implemented git-remote-rad helper
  • Implemented address book storage
  • Implemented routing table storage
  • Started working on custom git transports (rad:// and heartwood://)
  • Repository: GitHub - radicle-dev/heartwood: ❤️🪵 Radicle Heartwood Protocol & Stack


  • Migration from Rinkeby to Goerli
  • Move from to
  • Major refactor and removal of deprecated functionality


  • Moved user-facing gateway from to
  • Added minor improvements to identity UX towards new protocol
  • Iterated on TUI library design and implementation
  • Designed a mechanism that unifies installation instructions across website and repository

What are we working on

  • Protocol: Continue with building blocks implementing the new design
  • Web: Make the interface more robust and decentralized
  • CLI: Finalize issues TUI, unify installation instructions and complete changelog

Please feel free to share any feedback with us here!

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