Cleaning up our web presence

So I was working on an update to and adding a call-out to our partner feedback program @nas & team is working on. At the same time, the Upstream team is likely being disbanded to work on the web app, so I was in the middle of removing Upstream-related stuff from when I thought, why isn’t our website just URLs aside, it makes the most sense to just take and put it on, then update some URLs to make everything make more sense.

List of URL-related changes I’d propose:

  • Put the code on
  • Move to
  • Forward to
  • Forward to

List of things we’d need to add if we changed to the code:

  • Terms of Use
  • Data & Privacy Policy
  • Brand
  • Community
  • Disclaimers (currently on Try it page)
  • Link to Docs
  • Link to GitHub (?)

@cloudhead what do you think?

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Yeah, I wonder which domain is best… I guess both would work but .xyz is shorter and people know it already, though .network has more meaning.

Other than that, the two only questionable things are the link to docs and github. I think for github it makes sense until we’ve moved development fully to radicle. As for docs we’d have to clean them up a lot before it makes sense to put a link on there, as it contains lots of stuff around upstream.

One (minor) benefit of using is that in the past all .xyz domains were frequently censored on Twitter.

For me the bigger question is if we want to use one domain for the DAO and one for the actual network or no.

I personally think that consolidating in one domain might make the most sense.

I don’t mind which domain we use, but would tend to staying with, since it’s more well known and shorter. Also I think Twitter stopped censoring us.

Yeah I’d love to just have one website to keep things simple and easy to understand. We’re trying to get away from having multiple websites.

@matto You and I talked about doing this once. Could you help me out and do the hard stuff here? :innocent:

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Ya I agree & think it makes sense to consolidate under a single domain. I hadn’t thought about keeping a separation between DAO and products. What’s the thinking behind that vs using a subdomain?

I’d extend this consolidation to include Radicle’s entire web presence – drips, community, governance, marketing, code collab, web apps, and anything else, subdomains, etc.

Moving content onto a subdomain should just be a case of creating DNS records and certs, and possibly some other minor configuration depending on how the service is hosted.

You can also route from a single domain to different services based on paths using a CDN. This is useful if, say, we wanted a sub-site like a project’s docs to live at rather than on a separate subdomain like This is straightforward for many frameworks, though it can be less so for others.

Happy to help with any of it. Is it worth creating a site map to figure out what sites should live where?

+1 to this and the idea to create a site map. Also happy to be involved in that…

@brandonhaslegs what happened to those figma designs that had a landing page for the DAO leading off to separate product pages for drips, code collab etc…? That’s the ideal setup in my eyes.

All for consolidating into one domain. Strongly prefer since that’s what our emails are linked too, and it seems unnecessary to adopt a new one. Also, most people are using .xyz domains these days so I don’t think future censoring will be an issue.

Let’s consolidate and save for something else.

For me, the most outstanding piece of work is our site. @joelhans will be out for a few weeks, so we should really get on developing a new plan for documentation that will help support this consolidation & transition.