CI tests failing because of large prelude

Yesterday Merle created a PR that added code to the prelude and made
the CI tests fail without the code being used (
Add pad-to function by MeBrei · Pull Request #458 · radicle-dev/radicle-alpha · GitHub). The test failed because
writing the prelude code as a block to IPFS (using `dagPut`) timed out.
What timed out was was the request from the app to the Radicle daemon
after 30 seconds and not the `dagPut` request to the IPFS deamon.

After some investigation I’m certain that failure is triggered because
the size of the prelude when serialized into a DAG object was to large.
I removed and added arbitrary code and just passing a certain size
makes the tests fail.

It is strange that the tests pass locally and only timeout on CI. Maybe
this is due resource limits.

I’ll try to investigate this further. In the meantime just be aware
that additions to the Prelude might break and that we might need to
devise a work-around.