CI/CD and Automation

Hey, just found the project, I am extremely intrigued.

One big thing: How do you do CI/CD and other automation? That is, when someone pushes to a branch in radicle, automated actions are taken elsewhere and results are made available in the UI. (Preferably in Upstream.)

I don’t see any mention of bot participants or other kinds of hooks or notifications.


Welcome @AstraLuma and thanks for chiming in!

We ourselvesare still relying on pushing things to Github to trigger the Buildkite CI pipeline that we control. CI/CD is definitely on top of our minds since it is so integral to modern development workflows. Since it’s such a wide topic though we’re not actively working on it yet and focusing on basic collaboration flows instead.

This is pretty much how we envision an MVP for this would work. If you have thoughts on this we’d be very interested in hearing more from you. Maybe we can help you hack together a proof-of-concept.

For now, I’ve added this post to our new Feedback hub where we keep track of these.