Building a decentralized content management system

  • Project Name: Web3 Cms
  • Team Name: Jarvis Nu
  • Payment Address: 0xac3C04c3656d029B69f57d8B422578F2A6a568b6
  • Category: Core Infra

Project Overview :page_facing_up:

This is a web3 content management system which stores its media files such as posts, thumbnails using and banks on polygon as the blockchain layer. We then expect CMS users to leverage the Graph protocol to query the content.

Github repository: GitHub - Jarvis-Nu/web3-cms


Please provide the following:

  • A decentralized web3 content management system.
  • Our project uses Filecoin/IPFS as the data storage and retrieval layer with the aid of javascript library. This project stores its thumbnails and post media on Filecoin and thegraph protocol is used to index the user’s content.
  • This is a public good project, it is free and open source members of radicle can tweak and use it however they like to power their content driven platforms.
  • To make it easy for bloggers to store their content and in a decentralized platform, so journalists or anyone else interested in spreading the truth do not have to fear being censored.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Victor Omorogbe
  • Okhai Omotuebe
  • Eniola Ajiboye


Victor Omorogbe,
Github: supreme2580 (Supreme Labs) · GitHub
Role: Fullstack Dev
Okhai Omotuebe,
Github: okhaimie-dev (Tony Stark) · GitHub
Role: Fullstack Dev
Eniola Ajiboye,
Github: Ajiboyeniola · GitHub
Role: UI/UX


There are no prices and no wallet, so even if we wanted to fund this, it’d be impossible.

We also need detailed milestones to have precise context on the work you’ve planned out.

And most of all, it’s not clear how this is a core infra grant. How is it touching Radicle’s core features or extending them?

Please provide more details if you think it’s worth it.