Berlin Radicle Contributors Get Together?

For anyone in Berlin, Germany: I was speaking with @abbey this morning and I thought that it would be a nice idea to organize a dinner in Berlin in the next month for anyone that has been contributing to Radicle in one way or another.

Anyone interested?

If yes, please reply here with your internet name and one sentence about your contributions. Contributions can be code, comments on this forum or discord, financial contributions, memes or anything else you have in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be interested in popping over, pandemic permitting of course :mask: It would be dependent on when it was :slight_smile:

I’m @fintohaps, a core contributor to radicle-link. You may have seen me in community calls such as September and October :wink:


That sounds awesome, I’m in! :raised_hands:

I’m @rudolfs and I’ve contributed lot’s of memes, but I’m also a core contributor of radicle-upstream.


@alexgood @bordumb ? We taking the “London massive” over?


I’m game. Although I don’t have any free weekends left this year so it would need to be during the week.


Ahahahaha innit bruv!


I will be out of town until 2022.

I’m totally down for this, but probably not until the 2nd week of January and onward :slight_smile:


I’d obviously be VERY keen on doing a get together but I might be out of Berlin until early January. Would love to plan a larger gathering in the new year (selfishly because I want to be there :nerd_face:) — maybe we could plan another one for all the out-of townies who can’t make it this month.

I’m @abbey#5646 on Discord and I’m heading up the Community team :seedling:

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I’m not quite a contributor, but I do want Radicle to grow. Are enthusiastic community members welcome?

I’m in Berlin until around December 7th, but don’t let my timing availability influence the scheduling too much. :wink:


Definitely down! I would also say sometime in January is looking to be the best option on my end and also given Covid situation in Berlin.

I am @shelb_ee and I am helping organize & facilitate Radicle’s governance process as their Governance Facilitator. :dizzy: