Automatic mirroring via GitHub actions?

Has anyone attempted to automatically mirror GitHub repos via GitHub actions? I’d like to play around with this but I’m not sure about the best way to programmatically mirror a repository. Seems more reliable than attempting to maintain a mirror by hand.


I like the idea!

Upstream is using radicle-link under the hood. I’d be interested in collaborating.

I’m not very familiar with github-actions but since it can manage secrets and run containers it should be doable.

@xla anything you would be able to point at?

Getting back around to this now. So far I’ve only been able to maintain mirrors in a semi-manual way. My temporary strategy for handling mirrors is as follows:

  1. Clone a local copy of the github repository that I want to mirror.
  2. Attach this local copy to a Radicle project via Upstream.
  3. Run a cron job that regularly pulls any new updates to the GitHub repository.

Ideally I’d be able to do more of this work programmatically. Without a CLI it seems mostly impractical to host this on our GitHub backup server (where it would fit most naturally). So I’m pretty much just running it all off of my laptop right now.

Some questions that might shed some light on things I’ve been confused about:

  1. Where is the local radicle monorepo stored on my machine?
  2. Can I easily (and programmatically) add a new project to the monorepo?

$XDG_DATA_HOME/radicle-link ($XDG_DATA_HOME/radicle if you’re not tracking the bleeding edge)

Not yet working on it ™

I think we could potentially arrange for git hooks to be executed on the monorepo, for use by fearless people.