Article about the DAO Radicle

Hello everyone, I want to write an article about the DAO Radicle, help me answer these questions. Thanks. Can someone answer these questions? This will be a mini interview )

Describe the project and its goals.

How does the governance DAO support these goals?

Describe your first experience upon entering / engaging with the DAO for the first time.

Where was project information located?

How did you figure out where to go for answers?

Was it easy or difficult to locate and engage with moderators and other helpful community members?

How did entering the DAO make you feel?

What sorts of things could you immediately do in the DAO? Were they useful?

What attracted you to the DAO in the first place?

Does the DAO have a formal onboarding process?

Describe the organizational structure of the DAO.

What are the different governance roles and responsibilities?

How do the different governing bodies interact with each other and how were the different governing bodies / working groups created? Did they emerge organically or was a proposal passed through governance?

How does the treasury work?

What are the responsibilities of the DAO toward the project?

What specific elements of the project is the DAO responsible for overseeing?

Are there still some centralized elements?

Is the intent to fully decentralize? If so, is there a plan to get this done?

How are community members incentivized to participate in the DAO?

How are proposals submitted, debated and implemented?

How are decisions made? (Do they use off-chain governance, on-chain governance, or both?)

How does voting work and in what way is it ‘weighted?’

What are the pros and cons of this style?

Is there something better that could be done?

What is voted on? What isn’t?

What tools / frameworks / platforms is the DAO using?

What function do each of these perform and how successful are they

in achieving their intended goals?

Is there a better solution to what is currently being done?

What are the biggest challenges for the DAO currently?
What is this DAO doing particularly well?
What needs to be significantly improved?
What was your overall impression of the ‘health’ of the DAO’s community?


Sure! Happy to answer. What is your timeline for the post?

Thank you, I will be glad to receive your answers. I plan to publish the post before October 20

A lot of answers to the governance-related questions can also be found in the Radicle Governance Hub:

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thanks, maybe you will answer as a user of the radical, I will be grateful to you)

Thanks, maybe you will answer as a user of the radical, I will be grateful to you)


I look forward to your answers, thanks)