[Application] Censor Resistant Peer Review Version Control

Radicle Grant Application

Title: Censor Resistant Peer Review Version Control

Legal Name: Vagabond Arthouse LLC (aka talentDAO)

Payment Address: 0x0406Bf2dAE6A42d567b4e3DbA6ADA99069622fF1

:seedling:- Seeking $50k Seed

Censor Resistant Peer Review Version Control - Project Overview

talentDAO uses science to fix DAOs and DAOs to fix science. talentDAO is building the Journal of Decentralized Work (JoDW), a social knowledge repository for the DAO researchers of today and an archive for the DAO historians of tomorrow. Everything about the platform is built with decentralization and censorship-resistance in mind. The JoDW includes a peer review process, which requires version control as journal submissions reviewed simultaneously around the world need to be finalized for publication.

talentDAO and the JoDW team assume researchers will submit work that’s considered controversial by some, and who may want to censor this work. The JoDW is using decentralized principles, including how reviewers are chosen and how the application is distributed, to ensure censorship resistance.

We propose integrating the JoDW with the Radicle peer-to-peer git versioning system to enable a smooth peer review experience.


Title: Censor Resistant Peer Review Version Control


The figure below summarizes the JoDW’s peer review process.

When Researchers submit for peer review, reviewers around the world can earn ETH for their feedback and approval/disapproval. When reviewers are done they each submit their work separately to be merged.

We propose integrating the JoDW with the Radicle peer-to-peer git versioning system to enable a smooth peer review experience.

Why Radicle?

Keeping track of each reviewer’s work and merging asynchronously requires version control, such as Radicle. A centralized service like github would undermine the ‘Decentralized’ in JoDW. Integrating with Radicle helps ensure a decentralized architecture, enabling censorship resistance and more.

Benefits to Radicle

  1. Marketing partnership

    talentDAO content rigorously focuses on science

  2. Distribution channel for Radicle

    The JoDW provides a distribution channel to onboard

    1. The ~2k (two-thousand) talentDAO community members,
    2. The ~15k (fifteen-thousand) DeSci community members, and
    3. The traditional academic community of hundreds of thousands, even millions.
  3. New product for the Radicle community

    An open-source product for the Radicle community, easily applied to existing challenges such as:

    1. the DAO governance/proposal process,
    2. document version control coordination for non-coders

Why JoDW?

The JoDW utilizes the principle value of Radicle, decentralization; Decentralization eliminates concerns about censorship, single points of failure, persistence and integrity of peoples’ validated hard work.

people at

People should have the freedom to work how and when they want

Without relying on institutions or third parties for their livelihood.


Hierarchical Approaches to work have led to Human Coordination failures

These coordination failures can not be repaired within our current work paradigms.


Knowledge should be Open Source

Traditional researchers are forced to operate in a closed source universe because they are incentivized to publish or perish. This is unacceptable. At talentDAO we are creating mechanisms to incentivize open-source publications.

talentDAO aims to unlock human potential in the decentralized, digital economy. We conduct scientific research that helps DAOs thrive while educating the public on the greater decency and agency offered from this decentralized future of work.

Core Team

Saulthorin, Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Business Development
  • Renee Davis
  • Team Lead
  • Twitter: @saulthorin
  • Discord: Saulthorin#7696

Nemo, PhD — Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Chief Scientist
  • Discord: Nemo-phd#3075

Aphilos.eth — Data Scientist, Writer, BD & Sales, Developer

k3nn.eth — Core Team Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Data Science & Research

ItamarGo — Core Team Founder, Editor, Newsletter of Decentralized Work

Sherifoz — Core Team Founder, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Researcher

Lisa Wocken, PhD — Core Team Founder, Organizational Leadership, Researcher & Educator

Mr. Nobody — Core Team Founder, Organizational Psychologist, Researcher

Liagodoyf — Core Team Founder, Design Lead

Jaxcoder — ****Engineering Lead, JoDW

IsraelRex — UI/UX and Product Designer

Swol Chasse - Product manager and web3 agile evangelist

Point of Contact & Team Lead

Renee Davis

Legal Structure

Vagabond Arthouse LLC

7667 N Wickham Rd

Melbourne, FL 32940

Team Experience

Pietro Marenco

  1. Peer reviewed publications
    1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27486425/
  2. Non-peer reviewed publications
    2. Practitioner outlet:
    1. https://www.cipd.co.uk/Images/rapid-evidence-assessment-of-the-research-literature-on-the-effect-of-performance-appraisal-on-workplace-performance_tcm18-16902.pdf
    3. talentDAO outlet:
    2. https://mirror.xyz/signornessuno.eth/ge4vca5mWk17uS-5Icf3tEaOyEbBWL6PiCiSK0UOOmI https://talentDAO.mirror.xyz/0E7og1I3akEV6V3_2_vxouk1aX1Hree_km8aw1glq1w
    3. https://talentDAO.mirror.xyz/1rT8KGt6wHzC03UQphG-upuW8HqRX6bP9YfFTtijl0Y

Renee Davis

  1. talentDAO outlet
    1. https://mirror.xyz/reneedaos.eth/SbmCnvlycWcvdr7uclqrPj4ioOQrJl6dL2HecdvoUQI
    2. https://talentdao.substack.com/p/nodw-6-daos-and-structural-adaptation
    3. https://talentdao.substack.com/p/nodw-7-daos-and-structural-adaptation

Sean Moore Gonzalez

  1. Non-peer reviewed publications
    1. https://www.pharo.tech/
    2. https://www.datacommunitydc.org/blog
    3. https://medium.com/@seanmgonzalez
    4. https://gitcoin.co/grants/5900/lobby3-decentralized-lobbying-bringing-web3-to-wa

Jason Romero

  1. Full-stack engineer web3 technologies and protocols
  2. Current contributions
    1. Gitcoin DAO - GPC (Gitcoin Product Collective)
    2. Pharo DAO - CTO and Lead Engineer
    3. talentDAO - CTO and Lead Engineer
    4. Buidl Guidl DAO - Core & Support Team

Israel Rex

Behance Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/israelrex9

  1. Product design contributor at BanklessDAO, building web3 products within BanklessDAO.
  2. Product Design and user testing at TalentDAO.
  3. UI/UX designer at WhitehatDAO, building web3 products.
  4. Previously at OpenTelos Web3 design and frontend agency.

Itamar Goldminz

  1. Writes: https://medium.com/@itamarg
  2. Curates: https://talentdao.substack.com/archive

Team Code Repos

Project Description

There are limits to volunteer projects. Good work requires focus, and volunteers have limited time, which limits the scope talentDAO can responsibly accept. The JoDW has ambitions well outside the scope of talentDAO volunteers, including integration of the decentralized peer review process with a decentralized git service like Radicle.

Form first, or function? To integrate with Radicle, JoDW must first design a peer review interface user experience optimized for the people conducting peer reviews. This requires defining how papers will be distributed (google doc? Pdf? Word? etc.), how papers can be edited and feedback submitted without training reviewers, and how to verify progress for the peer review process(es) they’re associated with.

With the basics of an UX/UI defined, integration with Radicle will be straightforward. Knowing what actions users can take allows us to scope the work, then create and assign tasks.

Finally, test, test, test test, test test, everybody! With great testing comes great product experience. All possible types of edits, submission times, procrastination periods, git manipulations, change rejections, peer review merges, merges of merges, every branch of the action tree will be exercised.


If awarded a Radicle grant for $50,000 (fifty-thousand), the project will be broken up into three parts:

  1. UX/UI inspired by the Quark Publishing Platform: https://www.quark.com/products/quark-publishing-platform
  2. Backend integration with Radicle
  3. End-2-End Testing

Total Estimated Duration: 4 months

Full-time equivalent (FTE): Amount of time (in days) required for a single person to complete this project (see)

Total Costs: Amount of Payment in USD for the whole project.

Milestone 1: Peer Review Actions Defined

The primary blocker to integration with Radicle is a precise definition of what actions the peer review process requires, and how those actions utilize Radicle. The action/decision flow is a first step to the UX/UI deliverable, as well as all overall project deliverables.

Estimated Duration: 2 weeks

FTE: 12 weeks

Costs: $6,250 (six-thousand-two-hundred-and-fifty)




Actor responsibility descriptions

Actor examples include: peer reviewer, researcher, admin, browser, etc. Their expected capabilities and limitations such that they can be independently verified by someone in that position.

Activity diagrams

Detailed decision process from each actor’s perspective.

Use case diagrams

Detailed flow of system actions given user actions.

Milestone 2: Radicle Integration

With the peer review user actions defined, the JoDW integration with Radicle can begin. Radicle integration involves the functional capability required to support user actions, and their integration with a user interface.

Estimated Duration: 4 weeks

FTE: 12 weeks

Costs: $12,500 (twelve-thousand-five-hundred)




Command line interface

Ability to execute expected actor actions from the command line or other basic interface demonstrating basic functionality.

Code repo

The code enabling the basic functionality interface.


Demonstration of the milestone capabilities, as a video or simple independently verifiable instructions.

Milestone 3: UX/UI

In parallel with the Radicle Integration, the UX/UI front end will be developed according to the Peer Review Actions from Milestone 1. This involves wireframes, art, and code development (typescript, react, redux, css, etc.) for common browsers.

Estimated Duration: 6 weeks

FTE: 18 weeks

Costs: $18,750 (eighteen-thousand and seven-hundred and fifty)





An artist rendition of what actors will see from their point of view, as well as expected navigation from interaction.

Code repo

The code enabling the basic functionality interface.


Demonstration of the milestone capabilities, as a video or simple independently verifiable instructions.

Milestone 4: Integration Testing

Unit testing will occur throughout code development, then integration testing of milestone deliverables. This involves choosing an overall testing framework, mapping untested functionality, specifying acceptance criteria, and verifying the test code execution.

Estimated Duration: 2 weeks

FTE: 6 weeks

Costs: $9,375 (nine-thousand three-hundred and seventy-five)




Integration test plan

An artist rendition of what actors will see from their point of view, as well as expected navigation from interaction.

Test Code repo

The code testing and verifying expected capabilities from system integration.


Demonstration of the milestone capabilities, as a video or simple independently verifiable instructions.

Future Plans

Short Term

In the short term, talentDAO and the JoDW team plan to use the new Radicle functionality internally and with trusted groups and partners. Our goal is to “dogfood” our work with our own research efforts and research partnerships, utilizing the strength of our relationships to refine the product.

Long Term

With validation from our closest peers and partners, talentDAO plans to more broadly market the JoDW, onboard thousands of new users, and create The Standard for web3 peer review publications. As new users are onboarded, system development will be stressed in unpredictable ways, requiring a dedicated on-demand development team. Additionally, talentDAO will need personnel to manage user feedback and reduce that feedback to clear tasks for the development team. Finally, the system tokenomics of peer review supply and demand will be monitored, evaluated, and updates made as expectations meet reality. Kickstarting this long term process will be the focus on any follow on grants.

Additional Information

talentDAO learned about Radicle through multiple channels, including word of mouth, socials, and announcements.

The Journal of Decentralized Work is one of many talentDAO initiatives. If awarded, the Radicle grant would be the first significant financial contribution, and would represent a new workstream for the JoDW product and the overall DAO.

Previous grants talentDAO has applied for.

Grantor / Investor

Amount Links



Ocean Protocol

$13k raised in OCEAN DAO Contributor Health Assessment Development


$15k in USDC Reference on request

Smart Contract Research Forum

$20k DAI as of 9/30/22 Reference on request

Arweave Ecosystem Investment

$15k DAI as of 9/30/22 https://arweave.news/owf-6-community-spotlight/ \ https://list.weavescan.com/

NEAR Foundation

$30k USDC requested pending decision Reference on request

Gitcoin Grant

$50k DAI raised in matching funds https://gitcoin.co/grants/5091/talentdao-is-building-the-journal-of-decentralize \ https://go.gitcoin.co/blog/gr15-results
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Some quick feedback so that you’re not hanging too long.

This sounds like a cool idea.

Funding Feedback

As a general policy, we don’t fund the entirety of grants when they are simply adopting some component of Radicle Infrastructure.

We may be willing to fund the Radicle Integration milestone (#2), but not the others.

Grant Details Feedback

It would be good to see some sort of visual representation of what you’d like to use Radicle for here. It’s not visually clear what the integration will include. Some sort of diagram or wireframe would help.

2 questions:

  1. Does that funding work for you?
  2. Can you find someone to fund the other work? For example, maybe some group that is more specifically interested in peer review, R&D, etc.
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Hey @bordumb :wave:

Glad you like the idea of JoDW!

To answer you questions:
#1 - Yes, we can work with only funding the Radicle integration.
#2 - We are in the process of funding the other work, it’ll take some time, but a warm introduction could speed that process up :slight_smile:

Looking forward to chatting soon.