Alt-Clients May 2022 Community Update

Alt-Clients Community Update May 2022

Issues and patches

The addition of patches and issues to Alt-Clients is in full swing and will be a big part of code collaboration, through the CLI and the web client.
The release will have to wait a little bit longer since we are migrating everything to COBs and ironing out the last bugs.

Sign in with Ethereum (SIWE)

We implemented the required endpoints to the http-api and the necessary elements to the web client to allow users to create a session with their Ethereum keypair on seed nodes.
This will eventually allow users to execute administrative actions e.g. remove projects, create issues, etc. on a specific seed node.

Unify types and implementations in radicle-common

To reduce the friction and improve reusability we started to make more use of the radicle-common crate. One example of this is in radicle-http-api. We recommend anyone building
on top of the radicle to look at radicle-common inside the radicle-cli repository.

Things that got done

  • Improve signer persistance on the web client.
  • Removed blocker from onboarding flow via Upstream