Alt-Clients July 2022 Community Update

Alt-Clients July 2022 Community Update

Hey everyone,

we’re happy to share an update on last month’s progress from the Alt-Clients team, as well as an outlook to what is coming next.


One of our main short-term objectives is bringing full support for issues and patches to the web. We’ve already implemented support for issues and are now aiming to build a UI / UX around the patches’ workflow that is as user-friendly as possible, re-assembles workflows our users know from other forges, but that also incorporates solutions to eventual shortcomings and emphasizes our unique features.


We’ve put some effort into ironing out a few smaller issues that we discovered in the patch workflow. These issues mostly effected rad patch, rad preview, rad track and rad untrack.

Besides those smaller improvements, we’ve been looking into an UX for advanced users based on a terminal UI (TUI). This included an initial research on common use-cases for TUIs and their design systems. Furthermore, we started drafting the implementation of a TUI for issues, based on tui-rs and tui-realm. We’re hoping to get a better understanding on how to build TUIs that integrate well with the existing CLI tooling and that leverage those advanced workflows for power users.


We’re aiming to finish the implementation of the patch workflow on the web and to have a first working TUI integrated into the CLI tooling.

In general, we’re eager to start using the issue and patch workflows from the web or CLI and slowly move away from Github.