A search engine for repos across all (many) platforms

I tweeted out about a project I worked on for a few months called GitSearch, and it was recommended I post here about the idea of open sourcing it or finding donors for hosting fees.

GitSearch was a web frontend wired up to an ElasticSearch instance. It crawled git repos across most of the major platforms on demand and then cached the relevant info (not the code itself). I had intended to have a submission form for people who wanted to hook up their own platforms, but had to shut it down before I could implement it.

I’d be open to donating the code or making it open source if there’s interest. It did become too expensive for me to host on my own due to the Kubernetes cluster that ElasticSearch required. There may be a cheaper way to run it as well but I didn’t have time to figure it out.

In any case, it does seem like we need an open search for git repos. It sucks to go to Github to look for something and then go to Gitlab to do a separate search, and for everyone to basically choose Github for open source so that people can actually find their project.

Ideas? Suggestions? I can send the code to whoever is interested to check out. It was mostly a Django server interfacing with ElasticSearch. I also own the gitsearch.io domain that we could use.