50% RADs for community, what actions should i do to get in?

Hello dear Radicle, i have a question that might be courious for everyone, who wants to stay with team for a long (such as me): earlier was declared that 50% of RADs (Very Big stash) got locked for 4 years and there will be a community distribution of those RADs. Can some1 please feedback a list of actions that can earn RADs?


Currently there is no way to earn RAD. It is possible however, that there could be in the future. If you have any ideas of a great way to distribute the tokens that would be beneficial to the community feel free to start a discussion on here!


Doesnt looks like plan for a whole project over 4 years (lock time), when distribution table were drawn. Dont you think?
I think foundation knew this digits and imagine all the ways how to proceed and what to do next after first steps and how to be gratefull to everyone who get in.
And if its not? Well. i think they were. just wonna hear it

There is indeed 50%+ of the total supply reserved for community distribution. This supply is controlled by token holders (Radicle DAO), the majority of which are the people who built Radicle. The first distribution will probably happen through a grants initiative, to fund development on the radicle stack. Stick around, as any initiative will be proposed through the Radicle DAO and through this forum.


Awesome. Can’t wait to see more!

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