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  • Project Name: 3RM
  • Team Name: 3RM
  • Payment Address: 0x1ffF912d37378a89F1ac6AE52D9701c1be574Dab (USDC)
  • Level: :seedling:-Seed

Project Overview :page_facing_up:

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3RM is building the first web3 Impact Network. The 3RM network is a web of blockchains, protocols, DAOs, and projects. We connect our network by facilitating the right introductions between verified individuals at each organization. This changes the way people create, nurture, and sustain relationships in web3.

Relationship management hasn’t been given the attention it deserves, and we’ve seen this have compounding effects on missed opportunities. Our mission is to facilitate web3’s growth by connecting organizations, and supporting them with the tools to coordinate there efforts and collaborate effectively.

Why web3 needs a better Relationship Manager:

When we talk to our members, we have noticed three key things about relationships in Web3:

  1. There is no verified identity or structure in who you are supposed to connect with at various organizations which leads to scam, bots, and low quality proposals.
  2. Traditional SaaS CRM’s are not built to manage the variety of different communication channels, profiles, and opportunities that are created in Web3 and a lot of information and action items are being lost or forgotten about in Discord, Telegram, and other channels of management.
  3. The values of traditional CRM’s focus primarily on sales and customer success and aren’t built to handle projects, co-marketing, hackathons, and other initiatives with communities, DAOs, anon and doxxed accounts.

This has caused a major inefficiency in execution between teams and has slowed down the growth and scaling that could be happening in the ecosystem today. We are fixing this by creating a better way for people to be introduced, collaborate, manage, and foster their ideas.

Here is how we are reimagining Relationship Management for Web3 organizations:

  • We’re building a network of verified organizations and individuals
  • Participants within the 3RM network are able to cut through the noise and better manage their inbound and outbound proposals with other verified participants.
  • We manually facilitate warm introductions to ensure the quality of connections remains high and record the interest levels between our members.
  • We are manually plotting nodes and edges for each introduction made in order to build our impact network analysis and to understand the engagements between our members.
  • We bring in the open-source communication tools of web3 to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • We create connections for the purpose of shared learning, collaborative action, and provide the enabling infrastructure to grow together.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Jackson Rodriguez
  • Ryan Gill


Team’s experience

Jackson Rodriguez - Co-Founder (Technical Growth)

Jackson has 8 years of experience in fintech growth that included scaling Gainfully (gainfully.com) and Finvera (finvera.com) to an acquisition in 2021. Shortly after, Jackson transitioned in crypto full-time and was voted to oversee Idle DAO (idle.finance) marketing and communications team. During that time, Jackson was responsible for the GTM of their perpetual-yield tranche product and their $LIDO partnership. During this time, Jackson was brought on to lead growth and marketing for Balance.io
and was responsible for the dApp develop relations, marketing events, ETH Denver, and their $12M Mirror Campaign. In the past month, Jackson has consulted on countless crypto startups and has begun to realize the unique power of open-source relationship building.

Ryan Gill - Co-Founder (Partnerships / Product)

Ryan brings 8 years of consulting and technical account management to web3, where he is leader of the Product Guild and Grants Program at Developer DAO. With more than 5000 developers, designers, and product managers in the Developer DAO community, Ryan is focused on empowering individuals and project teams to make an impact in web3. He is also part of the partnerships team at Developer DAO, where he has helped secure sponsorship funding for events and hackathons, and actively manages relationships.

Team LinkedIn Profiles (if available)

Project Description :page_facing_up:

We have reached out to 1500 web3 organizations to grow the network and understand how organizations connect.

Throughout this process, we’ve connected directly with 300+ organizations and would listen to their exhaustion and frustration with the current process. We began our work by manually resolve their issues and have consistently iterated the idea and validated the results.

As we developed our product and it became more clear and easier to manage and onboard, we’ve slowly started to go back to our initial members and have onboarded 75 verified partners. We’ve manually onboarded each partner with a video call to deeply understand what they hope to contribute and receive from the network.

Right now, we see a unique opportunity to leverage the network effects from our members to rapidly grow our user base and offering. We need this grant to reach our metrics of success and build the future communication protocol of web3. To do this, we will employ data-scientists, engineers, designers, security auditors, and operational staff in order to finalize our MVP and focus on consistently serving our outlined design partners.

Deliverables :nut_and_bolt:

  1. Finish the data structuring that allows unverified organizations be claimed by applicants and combining that data to generate a verified account in the network.
    (Engineering - 2 weeks, $5000)
  2. Onboarding new members and conducting video-interviews with every applicant to ensure that each application is valid
    (Operations - 2 interviews a day for 60 days, $6,000)
  3. Update our internal matching tool to better manage the connection of verified organizations in preparation for members use:
    (Data Science - 1 week, $2,500)
    (Engineering - 4 weeks, $10,000)
    1. Nodes + Edges tracking
    2. Status tracking
    3. Follow up automation
    4. Analytics tracking
  4. Updating our verified profiles to reflect the changes in our internal tool (3) in preparation for members to be able to log-in with individual profiles.
    (Engineering - 4 weeks, $10,000)
  5. Scale the number of introductions to our existing members as the network grows
    (Operations - 2 weeks, $5,000)
    1. New operations teammate
    2. In-line with the data from the internal matching tool update
  6. Consult security requirements for making the verified organizations and profiles public-facing as we prepare to allow members to connect with each other
    (Security Consultant - 1 week, $5,000)
  7. Overhead and operational costs
    (Operations - $4,000)

Total: $50,000

Engineers: $25,000

Operations: $15,000

Designers: $5,000

Data Science: $2,500

Security Consultant: $2,500

Future Plans

Please include the following:

  1. From Directory to Network (Completed) - We populated 1500+ organizations and individually prospected every single one to form the initial 3RM network.
  2. Verified Identities (Completed) - We then engaged in outreach to start connecting the profiles and realized that we needed to have a source of truth in who we were connecting. Since then, we have gone through and begun to create a process for members of organizations to claimed and verified, our members use their profiles to connect with each other. These profiles represent the nodes in our network.
  3. Onboarding and signal assessment (In Progress) - To be part of the 3rm network, you have to signal what it is your organization is offering. We also help you signal any interests or needs that we can use to find your intersecting points both personally and as an organization.
  4. Proposal Management (Planning) - Proposal management and status tracking is currently unorganized and often dependent on tracking multiple communication channels. We want to build a streamlined way for members to receive and act upon inbound proposals for collaboration, as well as track their own outbound proposals.
  5. Signal Matching (In Progress) - Every week, we offer the user potential connection opportunities. These opportunities align with the needs you signaled to the network, or solutions you offered. If both contacts are looking to meet, we make the introduction on your preferred methods of communication. This allows us look into the externalities of these connections, and allows us to invest in modular tools.
  6. Modular Collaboration Tools (Next Phase) - As the community grows, so too will the different types of opportunities and collaborations that need to be managed. As we build the necessary tooling, we aim to remain decentralized while improving coordination. Verified members can offer there own tooling solutions, or we tap into our 3RM community with a bounty for hyper-specific needs. All tools are open source!

Additional Information :heavy_plus_sign:

How did you hear about the Grants Program?

Ryan is an active member of Developer DAO and runs the grants and product guild. We have enjoyed building with Radicle and want to continue to develop the future together.