10/2023 - Governance Committee Update


  • The November Proposal Review is happening TODAY at 5pm CET/11am ET. The proposal authors from the active proposals this month (see below) will be on the call to discuss the proposal and answer questions from the community! See call details here.
  • 2024 Org proposals are live on the forum! (see links below) The proposals will be put forward in the November cycle to ensure that funds can be distributed by January 2024, since we won’t be hosting a December cycle due to the holiday/vacation season. This year, each proposal will also include:
    • A 2023 retrospective on progress & spending
    • Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) for Radicle & Drips that further define each of their individual relationships with Radworks
  • Please note that there will be NO December proposal cycle. We will resume governance cycle starting in January 2024.

Governance Proposals

Recent Proposals

2024 Org Proposals

  • [Discussion][RGP-18] Radicle Org Proposal 2024: This proposal aims to fund the Radicle Org through 2024. The Radicle Org aims to develop a fully-sovereign code collaboration stack called “Radicle”.
  • [Discussion][RGP-19] Drips Org Proposal 2024: This proposal aims to fund the Drips Org through 2024. The Drips Org is taking on the problem of FOSS sustainability by developing novel protocols, tools and applications that enable new value flows for developers in order to receive funds from their users.
  • [Discussion][RGP-20] Grants Org Proposal 2024: This proposal aims to fund the Grants Org through 2024 and to elevate the scope of Grants as the main body that manages the technical funding behind Radworks’s broader mission. Radworks Grants fund projects focused on censorship resistance, internet freedom, and permissionless technologies. This includes third-party integrations & tooling (IT) specific to Radworks technologies and general open-source projects.
  • [Discussion][RGP-21] Foundation Org Proposal 2024: This proposal aims to fund the Foundation Org through 2024. The Foundation Org supports Radworks by acting as its trusted real-world partner, which not only protects, nurtures, and advocates for its ecosystem, but also adapts its relationship with Radworks as the network matures.

Governance Initiatives

  • The Governance Committee is focused on stewarding the 2024 Org proposals through the November cycle.
  • We are in the process of finalizing a Radworks Decision Making Mapping with Apiary. The goal is to use this mapping of what decisions are made where within Radworks and ask the community what they would change (if anything) and in what decisions would they like to have more influence. We want to do conduct a few 1:1 sessions with some community stakeholders before sharing publicly in January 2024.
  • Abbey and I have scoped an in-depth Voting Analysis project to complete before the end of the year. Results will include an assessment of voting and delegation trends, attack threat analysis, and updated graphics showing updated token allocation & supply. We plan to execute this work with the help of the GovAlpha team.
  • We have also scoped “Distribution of Influence” project that aims to improve the resiliency of the Radworks governance system that we want to start tackling in Q1/Q2 2024. The purpose of this project is to substantially increase token-holder diversity, influence & power distribution, and voter participation by Q4 2024.

Team Updates

  • Abbey and I in Istanbul :tr: attending various Devconnect events this week! We will be at d:pact today and Schelling Point Sessions tomorrow - hope to see you there!
  • Abbey and I produced a 2023 Governance Retrospective and a 2024 Governance Committee proposal as part of the 2024 Foundation Org proposal. Between these two documents, you can see which of our 2023 initiatives we were able to complete and to what extent, as well as what initiatives we have scoped for 2024. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the initiatives scoped for 2024 please leave a comment on the Org proposal or drop a note in the #governance channel on Discord.

Stay rad(works)! - Shelby & Abbey

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