06/2024 - Governance Committee Udpate

Hey everyone! Governance Committee updates from the past few weeks below:

:loudspeaker: Announcements

  • Due to little activity on the forum post discussing adjusting certain governance parameters, the Governance Committee has decided to only implement one of the suggestions listed in the post - to upgrade the voting delay from 1 block to 24 hrs. Increasing the voting delay was strongly recommended by the Scopelift team, and we feel is a critical security upgrade that should be included.
  • The Q2 2024 Radworks Community Call is coming up on Wednesday, July 24th at 4pm CET / 10am ET. Join to hear updates from each of the Orgs on the past quarter, as well as plans for the upcoming quarter! Find call details here!

:ballot_box: Governance Proposals

Past Proposals

  • There were no active proposal in the June cycle.

Active in Current Cycle

Upcoming Proposals

  • There are no known upcoming proposals for the August cycle to call out here.

:seedling: Governance Initiatives

  • We have been focused on preparing for the proposal to upgrade to OZ Governor and coordinating with Scopelift to make sure everything runs smoothly!
  • We have been working on drafting risk management policies to track suspicious governance activity to help spot potential governance attacks.
  • We have been working with the Better Internet Foundation to find a path forward for a potential Security Council that could veto a malicious proposal attacking the Radworks treasury or governance system.

:sparkles: Team Updates

  • We are sadly not in Brussels this week, but wish everyone a fun-filled EthCC! :slight_smile: We will see you at Devcon.

Stay rad(works)! - Shelby & Abbey