05/2023 - Governance Committee Update

Hey folks! Short one this month. Apologies for posting a day late - we were participating in great a workshop the last two days :slight_smile:


  • We cancelled the Proposal Review that was scheduled for Wednesday this week. These calls take place based on activity in the forum. If there are no new Discussion Proposals for that cycle on the forum by the 2nd Monday of the month, the call will not take place. The next Proposal Review is scheduled to take place Wednesday, July 12th at 4pm CET / 10am ET. Check Discord for an invite a week before the next call.

Governance Proposals

  • Current: There are currently no upcoming active proposals.
  • Recent: There are no recent proposals from the previous proposal cycle.

Governance Initiatives

  • We have drafted templates and a reporting process for all Orgs in cooperation with the Ops Committee in preparation for the upcoming Community Call. The next Community Call will be held on July 5th at 4pm CET - see Discord invite for details!
  • Exploring options to upgrade governance contracts from the current Compound Alpha contracts to Bravo. Once we have all necessary information we will share a proposal on the forum to get approval from the community.
  • We have finalized the new community & governance docs along with new DAO-wide website in coordination with the Marketing Committee. We are now aiming to launch this by the end of June after communicating these updates with major exchanges. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Discord for some big announcements in the coming weeks!

Team Updates

  • Over the past two days, we have participating in governance workshop facilitated by Apiary to map out specific governance initiatives for 2023 and to map an execution plan for these initiatives. We will share the output of this workshop once everything has been condensed.
  • Your governance gals will be in Paris during ETHCC. Keep an eye out in the #community channel on Discord for special announcements on RadicleDAO & Drips related events for that week!
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