03/2023 - Governance Committee Update

:information_source: The purpose of these monthly written updates is to share updates and announcements around governance work & initiatives being led by the Governance Committee. In order to avoid information overload, we are only sharing initiatives that directly impact the community or items we would appreciate some feedback on. Please note that the format of these updates may change based on feedback from the community.

Hey RadicleDAO community! This is the very first Governance Updates post we are sharing in this format. This post, which will be shared on the second Wednesday of each month, has replaced the bi-weekly governance newsletter & the monthly update that was usually shared during the monthly community calls (now quarterly). With the introduction of a monthly voting cycle, it is easier to stay up to date on governance proposals on a consistent schedule, and we wanted to align updates around governance work and initiatives to this same schedule. Please share any thoughts or feedback on the format or content of these updates directly on the post below!


  • We have officially changed over to a monthly voting cycle as of April 1. Please see the Governance Manual for updated details on the governance process.
  • Proposal Reviews have taken the place of the monthly Governance Calls. These calls that take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and focus solely on the proposals that will be voted on in the current cycle. These calls will be a time for proposal authors to present their proposals and answer questions from the community before they move through the voting process. The first Proposal Review will take place TODAY, April 12th at 16:00 CET / 10:00 ET. Join here!

Governance Proposals

This thread compiles all of the proposal Discussions that plan to move forward in the governance process this cycle and have been on the forum for at least 7 days. They will be discussed in today’s Proposal Review call. A similar thread will be shared on the second Monday of each month.

Recently Passed Proposals:

  • Start the Foundation Org: Passed on April 5th and has been executed on-chain as of April 11th 2023. Committee proposals for the Governance, Marketing & Operations Committee will be coming soon.

Governance Initiatives

  • Org Proposals: Support each of the emerging Orgs in moving their Org Proposals through the upcoming voting cycle. Watch the recording of last week’s Community Call and join the Proposal Review call today to discuss these proposals live. The Proposal Review will also be recorded if you are unable to make it. You can also comment directly on the proposals with any thoughts or questions.
  • Governance & DAO Docs: The evolution of the DAO transition has also made us rethink governance documentation and the DAO brand. Where documentation of the governance process and governance resources used to live in the “Governance Hub” Notion page, we have been working on transitioning to version-controlled docs pages. The first iteration can be found here, however, a more comprehensive, “DAO wiki”-style version of the docs is planned to be released end of May along with a new DAO-wide website. Is there anything you would like to see included in these docs that you feel has been missing from documentation in the past?
  • Rethinking Distribution of Influence: Distribution of Influence refers to finding ways to distribute non-financialized governing power within the RadicleDAO ecosystem. Based on the learnings and research from the Core Development Org Working Group around how to do this in the CDO model, along with the work being done by Apiary, we are rethinking what mechanisms for reputation and accountability need to be in place in the new DAO model in order for distribution of influence to be effective. Do you have any thoughts on how these mechanisms should be used/what types of decisions they should be use to make? Who do you think needs to be held accountable for what in the new DAO model? How do you think reputation would be best measured in our community (what metrics)?

Team Updates

  • We will be working on establishing the Governance Committee within the Foundation Org. We will share more details on how to interact with or get involved in the Governance Committee in the coming weeks. For now, if you have any questions, please drop them in #general channel under Governance on Discord.
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