Wrapping up the Org Design WG 🌅

Exactly one year ago, the Org Design Workstream was created with the intention of designing and launching an organizational framework that transitions all core development to “the DAO”. We had two main goals in mind:

  1. Develop an organizational framework supporting the creation, onboarding, funding, and coordination of Radicle core development.
  2. Research, build, and support the transition to an organizational infrastructure (processes, tools, programs, teams) that could absorb and distribute the responsibilities currently held by the Radicle Foundation.

In the past year, using these goals as guidance, we’ve successfully achieved the following outcomes:

  • :white_check_mark: All Radicle core work is successfully coordinated & funded via the DAO Treasury

  • :white_check_mark: A new organizational framework (complete with the governance process for creating and onboarding teams) is established with the introduction of “Orgs” (see Org Chart below).

  • :white_check_mark: The Foundation exists in a limited capacity as an entity that safeguards RadicleDAO trademarks & IP. It is funded by the DAO (like any other contributor) as an Org.

    • The Foundation Org now funds Committees. Committees are “bodies” of suppliers that do work in-line with the Foundation’s purpose, while being organized a certain scope of work and budget. They have greater autonomy and are in control over their own budget, instead of requiring Foundation Council approval for each expense.

:ship: Other Work Shipped

The outputs of the workstream are archived in this forum thread, but below is a summary of other work shipped:

:sunrise: Sunsetting the Working Group

With the execution of the Radicle and Drip Org proposals last week, all Org proposals (Drips, Radicle, Foundation, Grants) have been successfully passed through governance and the last mile for ushering Orgs to the DAO is complete. :partying_face: This means the working group will now be sunset. :sunrise:

Next Phase of the Transition

The next phase of the transition (including Distribution of Influence, Distribution of Ownership, and DAO Tooling Workstreams) will be stewarded by the DAO Governance Support Committee, with the support of the Marketing and Ops Committees. These milestones include:

  • Formalizing the DAO’s purpose, mission, and rebrand.
  • Improving accessibility and quality of information and communication related to the DAO.
  • Further clarifying the Org <> DAO relationship by refining operational processes for distributing funds, managing budgets, and reporting on progress.
  • Continue decentralizing decision-making power and distributing influence to active contributors and users by exploring alternative governance mechanisms.
  • Sourcing and orienting expert(s) to coordinate the DAO’s treasury management strategies.
  • Revamping and upgrading the DAO System including smart contract and tools.

If you would like to be involved in the development of these milestones, please reach out to @shelb_ee or @abbey or keep up to date with the DAO Governance Support Committee in the DAO’s Quarterly Community Calls (see RadicleDAO Community Calendar).

As we reflect on this massive milestone, we’re filled with appreciation and excitement for what’s to come next for the RadicleDAO. A big thank you to the contributors, voters, community members, and @matty who helped make all of this happen :two_hearts:

Stay RAD :v:t3:


This is such an exciting milestone to reach! It took a lot of work and brainpower to get to this point, but thanks to this fabulous group of contributors and a lot of help from the community we were able to achieve and learn so much over the past year! :dizzy: