👀 Looking for a Radicle Grants Program Lead

As mentioned in [Temperature Check] Radicle Grants Program - #3 by larry, the Radicle Governance Working Group is looking for a program lead for the Radicle Grants Program. The role will be paid (as part of the Grants Program budget funded by the Treasury) and part-time. It will also be complemented by a grants committee made up of core contributors + community members. Here’s what the role will consist of:

Job Responsibilities

  • Leading the Radicle Grants Program from start to finish; this will include writing the governance proposal to receive budget for the grants program, operationalizing the program, and managing grantees.
  • Establishing a process for providing grants, setting milestones for grantees, and monitoring their performance.
  • Determining the key priorities for the protocol to decide what categories need to be funded.
  • Interfacing with the Radicle community, which includes the core team, investors, and outside contributors on Discord, forums, and community calls. Being able t

The ideal candidate is…

  • Excited to dive right into the Radicle community. You will need to be an active member of the community, which means participating in the Discord, forums, and community calls on an extremely frequent basis.
  • Organized. The Grants Lead will be required to provide grants to dozens of grantees and track the performance of each grantee based on predefined milestones.
  • A strong communicator. The Grants Lead will need to communicate funding priorities to the community and encourage contributors to work on these priorities. The best way to get the message across is clear and concise communications on Discord, forums, and community calls.
  • Interested in developing organizational best practices for DAOs. Today, DAOs are loosely coordinated groups of individuals working on a project they all care about. Getting the most out of these individuals requires coordinating their efforts to make sure the work fits into the big picture.

If you’re interested in this role, please respond to this post with a little introduction that ideally includes the following:

  • Name (handle is alright if you’d like to stay anon)
  • Background/Relevant Experience (aka why you’d be good for this role)
  • What interests you or excites you about this role
  • Any thoughts, ideas, or visions you have about the Radicle Grants that you’d like to share
  • Any open questions you have about the role

We’ll be sourcing all applications via this forum, so please don’t be shy! If you’re interested in contributing to the Radicle Grants Program, but don’t want to apply for the program lead, feel free to share your interest here as well :smiling_face:

DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 23rd!




What interests you or excites you about this role

I invested in Radicle because I believe it will radically change the following:

  • Funding of open source software
  • Wage/labor in the software industry
  • Corporate governance

I see a grants program sitting at the center of all 3 of these goals. Grants are the vehicle that will drive Radicle’s own open source development, all while doing it in a way that redefines how contributors are paid for their work and how decisions are made around that work. It will be a giant exercise in dog-fooding Radicle, on Radicle.

Any thoughts, ideas, or visions you have about the Radicle Grants that you’d like to share

I’ve shared some thoughts here previously.

An overarching vision I have is dog-fooding Radicle for the grants process, so much so that it becomes a model for any software/dApp based DAO (and possibly others).

This is especially with regards to the technology behind grants: steps after the application process can be driven by Radicle’s own UI in a uniquely transparent way.

In terms of concrete plans or ideas, I would rather learn more from the core development team to understand what is needed most.

But below are some high-level ideas.

Framework Ideas

  • Applications: standard application for all grantees, with milestones clearly defined between grantees and grant program
  • Prioritization: focused on the needs of stakeholders (Radicle Users, Core Radicle Team, Investors)
  • Process: drive as much of the process through Radicle as possible (e.g. RFPs/brainstorming, concrete projects/tasks, grant funding streams, etc.)
  • Deliverables: have all work open-sourced on Radicle
  • Sustainability/Maintainability: prioritize grant projects that have a plan to maintain their work, likely by utilizing Radicle’s Funding features

Grant Ideas

1. Radicle Grants

User Onboarding/Adoption

  • Grants/bounties for written + video tutorials for basic features, advanced features, migration workflows from other tools (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)
  • Providing reimbursement/bonus to grantees to incentivize creating their own Orgs to dog food Radicle during grant project (optional)
  • Gas refunding contract: perhaps airdrop an NFT to early supporters that lets them redeem gas refund upon registering an Org
  • Referral program contract: simple growth hack idea whereby registered Org A can refer a new Org B, then Org A is airdropped a reimbursement for the gas costs of their registration. At worst, this creates a buy one, get one free mechanism.

Discovery Tool

  • Assuming we will spin up subgraphs for each community token, metadata as well as transactions data could be used to create useful discovery tools (e.g. top projects ranking, recommender systems, Org categorization).
  • Could help users learn about other Orgs discover useful software
  • Could be used by investors (including Radicle Treasury itself) to discover investment opportunities


  • Running grants/bounties that Core Dev can nominate to help with any backlog

2. Ecosystem Grants

Web3 Network Effects


  • Allocate funds to sponsor hackathons, especially where Radicle might be used and/or developed on

3. Social Impact Grants

FOSS Donations

  • Allocate funds to donate to open source projects that aren’t necessarily on Radicle (yet). For example, donating to FOSS that the Core Dev team finds indispensible.

Developing Developers Fund

  • Allocate funds to donate to developers in developing regions or where the use of Radicle might be particularly useful, especially with regards to circumventing censorship

4. Community Grants

  • Small allocation for retroactive gifts to community members who contribute in awesome ways (e.g. awesome blog posts, 3rd party hobby sites, etc.)

I’d be very interested to see what grantees come up with as well.

Background/Relevant Experience(aka why you’d be good for this role)

General format below is:

  • (a) what does the company do
  • (b) what I did
  • (c) why it’s relevant to Radicle.

It is in reverse chronological order, so latest work at top.

Anon FAANG Company (4 years)

  • Consumer apps (think subscription-based services)
  • I’m working on data engineering and data science for A/B testing for growth and product marketing. This work is coordinated across many groups, from client engineers and server engineers to marketing and design groups.
  • I’ve built a strong acumen for subscription business models, as well as an understanding of the software engineering (CI/CD, testing, software design, etc.) that is required to run A/B tests on software that is served to 100s of millions of people. This knowledge should be most helpful in understanding Radicle’s community of developers/users.

SoundCloud (2 years)

  • Online music streaming website/app
  • I worked on data engineering for the recommendations team.
  • Here I gained familiarity with creating products built around data.

Twitter (1 year)

  • Website for shit-posting (Find me @bordumbb)
  • I worked in the office of the CFO, focusing on analytics for Investor Relations.
  • Here I gained experience fielding tough questions from external partners rapidly and accurately.

Tableau (1 year)

  • Data visualisation software company
  • I worked as a sales engineer, where my job was to help close deals to sell software. My job was to technically prove the value of the software by building out documentation, tutorials, and meeting customers on calls and in person to show it to them.
  • I became well versed in how to prove to people the value of software, scaling adoption by finding external champions, and finding solutions/work-arounds when software fell short.

I don’t have much web3 experience, which is another reason I’m excited about helping with the grants program.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments!

  • Name
  • Background/Relevant Experience
    Current PoolTogether grants co-lead. Authored the proposal for this group and brought it through governance vote, then was nominated by community to manage.
  • What interests you or excites you about this role
    Grants play a pivotal role in developing on top of existing projects. Enabling people to contribute in the best way they know how is what I love about them!
  • Any thoughts, ideas, or visions you have about the Radicle Grants that you’d like to share
    As someone who has created and managed a grants program from scratch, i’d say the regardless of who fills the role, reaching out to existing grants programs and picking their brains about processes, challenges, etc was invaluable.
    I’m glad to be a resource if nothing else.
  • Any open questions you have about the role
    Seems that grantee communication & updates to community are a particular challenge. We approached this by publishing a monthly newsletter, attending all community calls w/ updates, and setting clear milestones for grantees that a portion of which total payment is contingent.

After interviewing the applicants with the Radicle Governance Working Group (myself, @larry, and @derek), we’re very excited to welcome @bordumb on board as our new Grants Lead! :tada::partying_face:

@bordumb will take lead on moving the Grants Program proposal forward and bootstrapping the first version of the program.

Welcome! :seedling: