[DISCUSSION] What are the next steps for liquidity?

I wouldn’t demonize everything money related when it comes to building p2p git. My mental model is:

  • In order to build p2p git we need a model to self sustain
  • In order to self sustain we need a community owned token
  • In order to prevent huge volatility we need liquidity…

The above might be wrong but I strongly believe there is a case for liquidity helping the project, not harming it. Low-liquidity assets are more likely to be subject to attacks.


I agree with your suggestion

how does ethereum being extremely liquid help with building a world computer? well, the more liquidity more ppl can invest in ETH. contributors to ethereum holds a lot of ETH. ETH price goes up then contributors has more money to spend on people and tools to build ETH.

the same is true for any project, including RAD


how does a governance token on the ethereum blockchain help make p2p git?

If you don’t like speculation and speculators from trying to make this coin great, then don’t launch a token, full stop.

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If we want to get best liquidity, we should not talk about DEX!! Why we dont choose HuoBi, Okex and Biance?